Swords have been buffed!



I just got my sepheraph up.

Devs, you guys should really think about what you’re doing and be really damn sure before you implement shit.

the lack of stability is getting on my nerves.


Nah, the episode titles would be:
“The Return of Mercy” (Double meaning from character trait. :smirk:)
“The Seraph Menace” (Evil Angel incoming)
“The Dawn of the BackBreaker” (Waking up with a broken spine surely would be quite a surprise)


you guys aren’t being creative enough.

“Mercy Weilding Stud Unloads Shrapnel All Over Partners Torso”
“MASSIVE Sword Penetrates Opponent”
“Huge Sword Holds Massive Physical Power”


Where is the hammer? :smirk:


@SilverBox @Sarah247 @Mohadib

Can you please explain, why …

  • all swords got buffed

  • and only SeraphBlade got nerfed back to the “old” statisics :question:

SeraphBlade 234-376
buffed to …
SeraphBlade 312-501
nerfed back to …
SeraphBlade 234-376

Why always so extrem changes :question:
If the buff was to high, why going back ALL the way :question:
I thought “Swords” get a buff, not only heat and energy swords :question:

Were the heat costs before the buff also 50 (I am not sure about) :question:

Suggestion :
SeraphBlade 273-438
(half of buff and nerf)

Otherwise it was kinda a “prank” for all who bought tokens to get the SeraphBlade AND boosted it to max. level :exclamation:



Spot on with this statement.


yall got scammed lmfao


He who laughs last, laughs the best. Keep laughing for now.

Physicals will still rule regardless.


I never stated that physicals werent good.

Exactly the opposite


with all respect towards you.

your opinions about the game at present are not of importance or relevance because you do not currently play. Therefore, you can not comment on a game in which you no longer participate, and which is changing week after week. Therefore your comments are out of context because you can not comment on changes in the game after your game. so please do not think about what you do not know. Only an active player can give a real opinion about the game and its changes. in other words, you are not qualified to comment on any change in the game. remember you are no longer participating in the game.

If you are not in the game your opinions are out of order.

Please do not obstruct the conversations of players who participate in the game and directly experience the good and bad changes. You do not play you are retired and your analysis lacks veracity only non-practical theory.


Its just an opinion. He can give an opinion and you can ignore it. He maybe giving bad advice but its every players own decision if they will listen to it or not.


you’re wrong about it, you can not take into account the opinion of someone who does not know changes in the game. is out of topic and hinders the publications, he retired and said he would be around with his GOAT. but you can not be talking about the new changes because you do not know them and it damages the discussion. I should not participate, these topics are for those who play.


So you can not have any opinion about things you do not do at the moment? What kind of thinking is this? Its like you can not have any opinion about your country’s education because you are not in school anymore?


next update of Seraph blade


you’re right. He can give his opinion about the school, but he can not comment on the food they are currently giving in the school cafeteria, because he no longer eats there.



So he can give his opinion about the gameplay (because he used to play it… just like he used to go to the school, so he can have an opinion about that) but not about the new weapons (emp, heat bomb) because he hasn’t used them?

That checkmate was too soon I think.


My friend, I already explained to you with arguments, but if you do not understand, it’s unfortunate I can not do anything else. It is no longer a matter of arguments, it is a matter of capacity. I can give you arguments but I can not give you the ability to understand them.

the result of discussing with me will always be the same: you will receive checkmate


Maybe you should learn about the meaning of the word opinion first, my friend:
“a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge”


are you sure about this…


Well, what can i say, good job TS, keep up the good work :clap:

Its useless once again :slight_smile: