Swords have been buffed!


Enjoy the Mr.E’s comment.


Hello there,SilverBox,and thank you for keeping us up to date with the news.
I am okay with SeraphBlade’s nerf.Maybe people will finally be satisfied for once.
I wanted to ask you two things:
Could you please tell us when are the axes going to receive the range buff?
And second one:
If you nerfed SeraphBlade,maybe you can ask the community and see what they think about the Valiant Sniper?That really needs a nerf.Maybe double the cost with no other changes?


They gonna buff them next week and gonna nerf them back the week after that.


Given that SeraphBlade is a L-M and now does as much damage as an E-M phys weapon,maybe keeping the 50 heat cost but removing the energy cost would be a good idea.Otherwise,it’s not really that much compared to the Nightfall…


Lets now talk about other buffs/nerfs. Emp?


Bufing EMP is gonna be a hell.

Just imagine it…500+elc
No elc mechs want that.


We are going to talk about nerfing it lol


The day is saved…
But the Phis Menance still shows his presence.
For now, non-phis mechs are okish, and electrics live to fight another day.
But who knows how this will end… for this was just… The Return of the Seraph.
But for the rest they still have to face… The Spartan Of Carnage… and The Claw is always lurking around…


Oof do you always have to be that dramatic? :slight_smile:


Well it was fun whilst it lasted. I think I’ll just make some adjustments now. But for sure, I’m going to make the most irritating/devastating build for going against energy. I will make it so that they can’t get to use VS but once …maybe.

2 x plop plop
1 x Mercy
1 x Seraph (even in nerfed state =very irritating)

See you in arena blue biatches!


So the next episode… the return of the Mercy… the Phis Lord is back to his former self.


A weight challenge bro…
Ill keep my dual plop plop seraph as it is…


He will start cardio training… and diet.
Ps: also weight loss pills.


You forgot anti-depressants


SeraphBlade 312-501 > 234-376 lv 50. recent update


making a melee weapon with infinite uses hit harder then a shot gun with 2 or 3 uses also doesnt make sense


thats good but have the other swords been buffed


You forgot the (at least expected) upcoming buff of the axes and hammers.
Let TS buff BackBreaker to range 2 and give it increased damage to 525 as max damage.
It has higher max damage than SeraphBlade so once it gets buffed it should have higher max damage than a buffed SeraphBlade.



Not so dangerous anymore


True true… but it doesnt sound so dramatic as “Return of the Mercy”…“The Seraph Menance”
“The return of the Backbreaker”… sounds a bit … like a porn movie :grin: :grin: :grin: