Swords have been buffed!


O no mate. I actually passed to counter line up myself. One anti phys anti heat, on anti elec anti phys and one rounded; this is now mandatory.
I have no problem loosing neither, “we cant win them all” cant be denied.
I wouldnt bother loosing to OP elec players (you know them). What bothers me is to loose to any random electrician.


The electricians that can win you,aren’t random blokes that come from the bottom of the ladder, they are consacrated Energy users.
Don’t mind losing to others either, that meens your build can still improve.
Chosing a bad mech,in the screen results in a fast defeat, with or without OP items, these are the risks of counterbuilding.
But let’s just agree that the diference between the buff to Seraph, compared to the others is way to unfair.
The other swords, are still useless.
I tried integrating them in builds, but i see no point, their sinergy, even with grimz/ashgenes… is weak-decent at best.


Agreed on seraph. Or buff all of them in the same fashion, or none of them…

Agreed on the counters too, actually you, Happypop and Well inspired me on this… i wish 3v3 would still be a thing, picking screen luck would affect less the outcome, and the real beauty of counters would be magnified…


Hello pilots,

After taking some time watching the latest changes we nerfed SeraphBlade’s damage back to what it was a week ago.
The sword’s special damages and effects however were not reverted.

Have a good week!

~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~

Welp…seraph users…

Your time is over.


I usualy am not the inspirational type, just a regula bloke that hangs around here.
My builds are weak as hell, that is why i like building for others, they have better materials that i can work with.
Phis needed love, but got a bit to much, compared to the others.
also energy needed some affection, and got a little bit of that EMPathic thing also.
Heat needed alot of love… well they got the hotest thing around… a Setyourazzonfire Bomb… that burned them again.


I should have seen this coming…
Just why did I myth and max out that SeraphBlade…


Still the best sword in the game…


Btw. just wait and the other swords will also be nerfed again as they are now too strong as heat / energy weapons compared to the physical counterpart SeraphBlade.


Not all heroes wear capes.

Thank you @SilverBox


and comon sense wins the day.
Not all heroes were capes.
It could have gone the other way around also:


While I disagree with the reversion… I can live with it. But wait, the cost is the same (13/50)? So you’re actually nerfing it then. Thanks a lot…


I think it always was 13/50.

For the energy anyways , idk about heat generation


You dont have the best inventory, but manage to keep yourself top 10, top 5 with merely one plat plate. Thats artistic level counter building…


what if i tell you i did it without?


Eheh, id say “awesome”, and add "would probably not be possible anymore"
Im saying youre in the best 3/4 builders in the game. And you pick the 3 polemicish words (that i left there on purpose :wink: )


I believe you, but I ask you this: can you still do it?


unfortunatly no,i can’t compensate the lack of platplat anymore, with the arena buffs and the builds that are now in the tops(2600-3200hp), with 4-8 myth plates and all claws, have made me incompetitive, that is why i had retired, and will soon again retire till the next GOAT.


@El_Metre is being modest. He is still competitive AF.


Can’t wait to see @Mr.E and his hate speech.