Swords have been buffed!


He never left his account :exclamation:
We all know why he told this “story” :exclamation:



Looks like matured adults like to fight for imaginary weapons


Actually, it is very possible to be drained. Just takes some ingenious battle tactics, like URBU had used on me. He came extremely close to winning, but I got lucky.

Remember, you have 2 mechs that can carry the EMP, but it is a case of knowing each opponent and adapting to that.

I have so far not lost to a double energy line up, but hats off to URBU. Also, my greatest respects to him for seeing EVERY battle through, no matter how hopeless. Also has a good demeanor in arena.

Having to pack 800 energy is the games fault with shyt like VS and EMP, not mine. Or do energy skrinks want me to just lay down and die?


I played these last 2 weeks while my nephew was on a trip.
And also needed my old account so i can watch the GOAT matchs, because on my Kong account(low 20th rank), i could not see all replays, there is a lag of almost 1h befor i get to see them from there.
Thursday i will give it back and be retired again… till the next GOAT.


Cool, thanks for the answer.


Lol I think I have the answer @SilverBox.

What you said about 1800 damage in 3 turns before @El_Metre? He did 1663 damage in two turns, and with the buffs totally maxed and some luck can easily deal over 2000 damage in two turns, and i’m not even talking about drone.

And you, @L4K3, what you have to say about? I am more than sure that you can equip 3 energy engines and do the same.


lol… that was brutal… like really brutal… no chance wahtsoever.
i said 4-5, in case you get spawn in range 5.
If you get spawn in range 3,1…you get the video from above… total carnage.


Well you actually think would be different if in another range? using Hook instead of Annihilation wouldn’t cost him much damage, Hooks and charges can do like 50% the damage of Annihilation.

I don’t see much difference from 1663 to 1463, i would lose in the next turn anyway. :)


How? To have 830cap for 300+ regen you need 6 modules. Leaving 2 for plates and res… No res and 2 pla plate: 2500hp shet res. 1 res one plat plate 2200hp good res.
Anti heat ok; 3 plates one res mod and 4 heat modules


That was brutal indeed. Loled internaly tho


Wrong, i have a ridiculous anti elec build, vs a emp + bunker + vaillant + cancer shocker + ash , im drained at 2nd turn. I can finish with hook/charge plus mercy. The problem is if/when yhe guy is having 2 builds like this… there is no way my well rounded can go through a elec build like this.
So we would need to have 2 specialized anti elec builds to go through.
Note that at the moment there is no such elec line up (save for ubu, but his second build is quite weaker). Once domo, se77en, mordulec aand co. get the emp on, there will be no way to fight; save for having 2 anti elec specialized builds (leaving you in the open vs heats and phys).


To be fair:

The EMP in that video is far from maxed out.
If it was maxed out including 20% arena buff on energy drain it would have drained 472 energy + 76 energy drain from Face Shocker.
That would have been 548 energy drained in one go.
So the physical mech would have been energy broken with its 511 energy cap and would have been unable to use SeraphBlade…

Therefore the actual difference is the level of the items and the arena bonus.


The replay doesnt show the corect caps of mechs.
So we may see 511(odd number), but in real fight could be 580-600(with arena buffs).


Oh, thanks for the info.
I did not know that.


So the actual problem that you see is builds that pack 2 mechs with 2 emps, each?
And that a well rounded mech, doesnt stand a chance vs a hard electric counter…
Isnt that what counter building means?
If they chose 2 el mechs with 2 emps, each they get killed by heaters… fast.
If you chose to counter 2 of them, you get killed by heaters too…
Isnt this game about that in the end?
Plus if you get range 1,3 spawn, you kill both of his easy.
Like WoW did with Urbu…
This is a game of rock-scissors-papper.You cant win them all.


That’s an anti-phys,anti-energy build.
Will get demolished against heaters and you won’t see everyone pack such a build.
Plus,it won’t roll as as high everytime.
Moreover,not everyone has a Seraph,just as not everyone has a Val.Don’t generalize.Just because one or a couple builds it doesn’t mean it applies to everyone.

We lost to you Valiant users time after time,get a taste of your own medicine.


at 490 heat, and 240 cooling, without Arena Buffs, he will do atleast decent, if not good against heaters.
And all fo the Top 20 builds are like that or similar.
Ps: he also uses an epic multy protector, the tops use myth ones.
Yeah this is kinda of a payback for befor arena buffs, and claws, revenge of the Phis :joy::joy::joy:
The Return of the Seraph Menance…


O no mate. I actually passed to counter line up myself. One anti phys anti heat, on anti elec anti phys and one rounded; this is now mandatory.
I have no problem loosing neither, “we cant win them all” cant be denied.
I wouldnt bother loosing to OP elec players (you know them). What bothers me is to loose to any random electrician.


The electricians that can win you,aren’t random blokes that come from the bottom of the ladder, they are consacrated Energy users.
Don’t mind losing to others either, that meens your build can still improve.
Chosing a bad mech,in the screen results in a fast defeat, with or without OP items, these are the risks of counterbuilding.
But let’s just agree that the diference between the buff to Seraph, compared to the others is way to unfair.
The other swords, are still useless.
I tried integrating them in builds, but i see no point, their sinergy, even with grimz/ashgenes… is weak-decent at best.


Agreed on seraph. Or buff all of them in the same fashion, or none of them…

Agreed on the counters too, actually you, Happypop and Well inspired me on this… i wish 3v3 would still be a thing, picking screen luck would affect less the outcome, and the real beauty of counters would be magnified…