Swords have been buffed!


My point is that those who don’t have Seraph ask about nerfs and all,saying it’s OP.
But when we talk about Valiant,it’s the other way around.

C’mon people,make up your mind.


Are are very wrong.

I’m not going to continue with that time waste.


Yes, that is true, but what help would repetitive arguments and points have for devs that secretly watch from behind the scenes or only check once a month? Everyone who don’t think it fits has had their say, and vice versa.

I guess this is barely any help among rage enduced debaters. I’ll let you all be


Killin, was and still is a good suporter for balancing the game.
He has stated, and also suported alot of the ideeas of nerfing VS, or makeing epic plates going to legendary.
I myself also belive in fair play, and banlance of wepons, on all types.
The fact still remains, the buff to Seraph, is a very impactfull thing.
It becomes OP, because in that range, not alot of things can go toe to toe to it.
And dueling on the range of 1-2, becomes a one way road.


Than I could say the same for Valiant.
Increase the cost and reduce the draining.

So you’re saying that SeraphBlade currently doesn’t fit the game but Valiant does?Nerf one because they kill our energy selves but spare the other,because ''it fits the game"?.

So I’m wrong because I defend something that actually helps me counter the weapon that has killed us mercylessly and unfairly over and over amd instead is turning the tables a little?


Everything you say can be contradicted with my old posts, you realize it?


@L4K3 is absolute correct with his arguments :exclamation:


Just an other fact :exclamation:



Yeah,allow me to explain how a battle vs electrics goes on,then.

After you use that VS,I’ll have to waste a turn to get you close yo me for my Annihilation.Repeat this sequence again and until you rub out of utilities and you’re done.You take a little less than triple the damage you can deal,while you have to hop hop around the arena for just 1 hit.That’s why an electric with 1.6k hp kill 2.2k hp phys!
So no,the range thing goes both ways for both Seraph and VS.

Instead, Seraph offers a chance for initial damage before getting drained.And now,with the EMP around that drains even more,Seraph is a good table turner.


do continue… i feel soo schooled into SM, by your insights.
Thank you so much for opening my eyes, and teaching me the way…


Understand, if you say “electrics” in general, the problem is not with the electrics, but in your mech.

The same way someone put 600 Heat capacity and 300 cooling in a mech to counter Explosive Mechs, can be done to Battle Electrics too.

Don’t think we are new here dude, most people here are around rank 1-3, and you know…

Sorry for the wrong mention El_Metre.


I didn’t mean it like that.
I wanted to point out that you know what the hop-hop tactic means and just how easy you lose.

You talked about the range on Seraph and how it can be problematic when put up against,but I pointed out that it’s the same for,say,VS for example.
So yeah,while both OP,I agree,they both have their points,and it ain’t cool to ask for one’s nerf and not for the other alike.


He answered that way, because he cannot have a real argument against what you said, because what you said is 100% correct :exclamation:

It was his way to avoid your correct statement :exclamation:



Oh sh*t this topic turned into a roasting tournament.


Can we don’t start with the personal attacks here…


I know,I’m objective.
I also have an energy counter (phys with high energy) and I know what I’m talking about.
About what you said about counters up there,I can not argue.
I’ll say that they are both OP,both have their points and I will stop.


how to battle an energy mech in a phis mech.
1.do you have spartan?
2. do you have Ne?
3. Do you have NF?
4.Do you have Anihiliation/mercy?
If you have 2 spartans, or 1 spartan, 1 NE, 1 NF, 1 anihilation.
You put these on, in a combination of either 2 spartans, 1 anihilation, or 1Ne, 1Nf, 1 anihilation.
then put on 3 epic plates, and 4-5 energy engines.
If start is at range 5, you hit him fast with 2 spartans, or with 1 Ne 1 Nf, that should net 600-800 dmg.
He drains you, so it is now time, to use hook 200 dmg, and anihil 200-300 dmg, 400-500 dmg, then another charge and anihil,for another 450-500 dmg.
Total dmg dealt, 1450-1800 dmg, in 3 turns.
Ps: he constantly has to drain more then 270 energy each turn.That also acts like a extra dmg denier to his drain dmg.


That’s what i am saying since the start but you keept miss-reading my posts.


Where you see a personal attack :question:
I never do :exclamation:

I explained @L4K3 why @El_Metre avoid to answer to @L4K3’s statement (which is 100% correct), how that can be a personal attack :question:

too funny



I would like your post but I ran out of daily likes.

Indeed,he knows what I meant but he avoided it,why?
Because he knows the the only tactic as a phys ehen drained is hopping around until you lose.

I wonder why he avoided that point and instead turned against Seraph,by joining the argument/debate I had with KilliN.


A little off-topic question but do you play again in your account or still your nephew?