Swords have been buffed!


Everthing clear now, its you having a huge problem, not the others :exclamation:

ALL you do is insulting and “bitching” to others :exclamation:


The Sword SeraphBlade is ok like it is right now, it has also still its weakness :exclamation:



Literally what I’ve been saying.

And nah, I’m just tired of seeing El-metre and Mordulec continuously bitching about shit. But sure, I’m the one with a “problem”.

Besty, go get a social life and stop stroking your ego off to a game.


they are pure :hole:, maybe the 2x EMP could work, but i doubt it as it requiers to much en to be viable.
The 2x heatbomb, not gonna happen.


yes it does i lost to a heat because of the seprah blades heat cost about 5 min ago


yah the double heat bomb i guess so scratch that idea but the double emp i never thought that was possible


I want to bloody know when was the moment i said ANY electric weapon wasn’t over powered.


Arguments, are clearly not your strong point.
Nobody “biatched” about things, it is a general discusion with evrybody having an opinion, while things may be not to your likeing, that doesnt give you any advantage to insult others.
Learn to disagree in a polite matter.
I am one that sayd that VS, is the one of the most imbalanced item in game, after myth plates, and claw.
The fact that is drains 189, for 31 cost, is mind blowing.


Hi I’m a brand new cookie now.

my way of fixing flags


That wasn’t the point man.
You just said that all who have it defend it,get easy wins and those who don,don’t.

Valiant drains 227 for 30-something energy,what more do you want?
I can give the same arguments for it.


Ok just chillax no need to get into a grimhole discution, that get’s personal.
I remind you all, that respect for others should be prior to a damn game item.


Okay, lay it off ladies and gents.

Aren’t we all not mature adults? No need for names.

I’m sure everyone here has learnt a thing or two about friendly debates. Why not use them?


So you are telling i can’t say Seraph Blade is Over Powered because i have other over powered weapons?

Like i never said those other weapons were Over Powered too?

Don’t waste my time bro, you want to discuss? Ok, we can, but at least use decent arguments.


That is correct :exclamation:

And that is a bad try to trash talk … one of the most stupid sayings ever, because we all have a life, and everybody can do whatever she/he want :exclamation:

And about my ego … :smile: … to be Top5 of a real sport, you need to be pretty confident, otherwise you have no chance to stay there :exclamation:

I know its hard to imagine, if you never expierenced that, but I can tell you that every little weakness at your mind, would let you fall very fast at such high competition, where a lot of money is also involved :exclamation:



No,it is over powered and you can say it.So is Valiant.

If you say that one is broken and needs a nerf,how about you also think of the other one.
You talk about people defending Seraph just because they have it and win matches,but why didn’t you also suggest a nerf to Valiant Sniper,instead?


Talk about favoritism…




Some people like the new seraph, some people don’t. Who gives a crap. It’s all up to the devs. No one here has a better opinion above any other person whether you are No. 1 or you are Rank 25. Whether you have it, whether you don’t. Whether you are a veteran or aren’t.


I did a (somewhat) comparation between these two.


It’s not about if someone likes it or not, it’s about if is fits on the game.


And what the bloody hell i have to do about your comparations?