Swords Are badly glitched

Swords are glitched graphicly it is really hard to explain the devs need to play a match with swords to see it.
When a person does the sword jump they do not move up to the 1 space they stay in 2 to the player they hit, but to them they jumped into the 1 space. Then it gets really weird both players are seeing different things mechs that are really right in front of you look like they are in the 4 spot etc.

hehe I thought I was seeing things yesterday. I started to make a post about this very thing along with a few other weird things that happened but I ran the replay and it looked almost normal so I canceled my post.

Visually during my game play though they jumped and swung sword on the down fall they were 3 or 4 spaces away.

By then I had already set my Legacy Lava Spray and Head Hunter to fire and I guess my opponent had a kick back (of 4 or more) and it happened after he hit me but my bot didn’t go back his did. Both my weapons still fired when he was literally off the screen.

Bot sent through time and space before my very eyes.
Very weird.

I would have grabbed a screenshot but it happened to quick.

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