Support my Youtube Channel Guys

If y’all dont know, i ran a channel before and it didn’t became popular but now, i am eager to make videos now

Here is my channel link

I just posted a new video there. It is all about the reloaded ver. of SM. Go check it out it is awesome :slight_smile:


I remember making a SM video when i was 11


If you record on Android, I can send you some cracked apks that I use to record/ edit my SM videos.

I’m also pretty sure that you have a phone with a notch. I can show you how to get rid of the black sapces and make the video fill the whole 16:9 screen.

Good luck on your journey :’)

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If its on iOS there should be built in screen recording, you can enable it in the control center in settings


Lol i just used my friend’s account sorry…

But still…

My phone, even though it is not iOS, has it’s own screen recorder.

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From now one i will post my YT videos here instead of making topics so here we go

Enjoy the video guys (:

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I would be uploading videos on every weekends though i would focus on my academics and real life activities

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L8 upload but here we go

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Reminds me of when I first started out youtube my mech had a crappy Fire Guardian while every other items was mythical


Hope this will impress you
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I will inform yall guys that i would not be uploading videos for now due to the pandemic and crisis

I just wanna say: stay safe, pray for the best, help and support each other, and dont lose hope


BTW this would be my last video for now


subscribed :wink:

I wish you , good luck :wink:

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