SuperPower minigame

I’ve seen there are many “minigames” here. Lets play then one that i’ve seen in web:

-Step One: One user comment his super weakness

-Step Two: Next user comment superpower of last commented person, and write his own weakness

-Step Three: Go To Step Two.

Let the game begin.

Well i just wanted to check out what do the trash button do but ok, you are weak to sunlight

If thats withdrawn then ill guess ill go first??

Super weakness: Sunlight

you are sexually attractive to everyone of either gender (including animals). good luck

i’m weak-minded when it comes to traps and lolis and get lost in thought when around them :pensive:

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You can do best gymnastic tricks when not between traps

I’m vulnerable to be hit using food

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You can copy games well from Google,Good luck finding more

My biggest weakness is that im perfect :frowning: and Nobody’s perfect
So im nobody

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your biggest superpower is that i h8 you’re guts for lying about being perfect (it means you have my attention, so that’s a plus)

my weakness is that im not immune to bullets :’(

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I granted you the new superpower err I mean your Greatest super power is that Youre Immune to :b:ullets now, Go on venture into the Henta err i mean Vast world

My weakness is i cant resist the loli’s err i mean big breasts :kissing_cat::heart_eyes_cat:

PS: thanks for the attention :stuck_out_tongue:

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your super power is that you can grow breasts on demand. (on yourself only!)

my weakness is that im addicted to chocolate.

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No man should ever hold that type of power…

Your superpower is the ability to read every language fluently

My weakness is that everytime someone says ‘spaghetti’ I instantly flop to the ground like a piece of pasta.

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Your super power is you can communicate with Aliens
My Weakness is I just wont stop growing :frowning:

Your super power is that you can talk with a rock.
My weakness :Being a trash.:construction:


Your superpower: you can escape from garbage trucks :truck:

My weakness: myself… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Your Superpower You Can Fly Farting
My Weakness: I’m too attractive

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Your superpower is being attractive to yourself only
My weakness is physics :confused:

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Your superpower is over think it which is always wrong
My weakness is I’m too forgiving

Your super power is the ability to create potatoes with just your hands.
My weakness is i dislike mash potato :confused:


Your Power is you like french fries.
My weakness is Im too good at BD

Your power is your ability to dream the wildest dreams
My weakness is my inability to not be a ■■■■

:jack_o_lantern: :jack_o_lantern:

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