Supermechs YT suggestion

HI guys!Can someone give me a suggest for video,which video can make a lot of people would like to view my YT?(anything is good)
Because i will be youtuber in april,hope people would like to play our game!:slight_smile:

  1. random fight
  2. max items
  3. fanart
  4. opening box
  5. campaigns

Thanks for your suggestion,i will make the video well about random fight,item,opening box and campaigns!:wink:

But the problem is I only can make the video in moblie phone!:frowning:

Let me start a trend

Best Openings Compilation

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Who you are?
Why you say that!

Exactly what he said


12 hours for 1k views

or introduce New items/Portals so that players can watch your vids and be updated

My bigboy one is getting great


Y you being so negative?..TheBlackMan is only trying to get Video Ideas for his YT channel… Let’s be Positive guys

I gtg L4K3…c ya

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I would like a video on “SUPERMECHS MAXING 1ST ARMOUR ANNHILATOR” would be great


You’re like Pewdiepie… have no original content so you ask fans to give you some

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I have an idea,should I make a item box(how can get legendary item easily for pack)for video?

Because i try it for two times when I buy the pack,it is work(if everyone would like to know how can get legendary item easily!)

And i have a question,Which music you would like to listen?