SuperMechs Workshop

Hi! I have seen people with a button in the workshop called unlocks, but my workshop doesn’t have it. Is it a bug, or is my acc too old and not in the right version? Help would be greatly appreciated!

This feature only applies to very recently made accounts. The general belief is that it is an early feature that they are testing on new accounts, to see if they would like to introduce it to everybody.

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I think i can help you…

Just message Sarah about that yeah?

What? No! don’t message sarah about this. It’s not a bug, it’s a test.

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Only one problem, @Yeet. I made a new account today , and it still doesn’t show it. :thinking:

Maybe they are done testing for now?

Maybe, although one of my friends’ workshop still has the button.

Well, thats cause he created the account within 1-2 months ago?

Nice thought, but he created the account 2 weeks ago.