SuperMechs Wiki

Hi there, I’m wondering if some of you, who know your stuff, can go and update the Supermechs Wiki. I don’t know enough to go change it myself but if any of the other players can fix it up that would be really helpful :+1::yum:


I volunteered like other people but they even replied…


this is a bit more updated, then the old.
Unfortunatly, it can’t be edited…seems ony the creator of it can do that.
I think it was created by Lybyano.


This issue is especially irritating since TS can do just like they did with the old MYTHICAL page we used to have inside the settings page. It would have all of the pictures, stats, hidden stats, etc BUT the big thing is it would auto update every time TS went all NERFAHOLIC changing game stats.

Where the wiki we have to fully re upload the changed snapshots each time TS changes stuff which happens A LOT.


I did some editing on that wiki a while back, but when the big update a while back where they updated all the torsos and lowered the damage on all the weapons everyone else had stopped updating the wiki but me and I got a bit discouraged and stopped updating it.

As far as I know there are no requirements to edit anything. All I did was make an account and start editing. So if you guys want to start updating it I don’t think there’s anything stopping you.