Supermechs ⛅ What can $10.00 Get You? -YouTube-

Oh Good that’s a good idea I should wait to spend them …

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24hour sale, quick spend your tokens, better make a video:)

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I mean do i really spend my tokens now? what if its a hoax and they do a even better one on black friday or cyber monday?

Ok, you better wait until black friday or cyber monday, yesterday I buy a premium pack just get 5 Epic.

These are my last 2 premium pack purchases.

Hurts. I am dang near (as a noob) out of camaign missions which generate tokens. I spent my last chunk of tokens on these. Serious question, why would you pay money for tokens as a new player if this is the result?


i mean some of them could make an okay electric mech for newbie or even heat mech with brutality

they should make a comp were you make a mech out of two premium boxes plus modules of your pick

10 minutes preparation

If I open 3 premium packs and not get a legendary. I won’t open a 4th pack how about that?
what do you think?

Headhunter & brutality & devouring paws are good