Supermechs ⛅ What can $10.00 Get You? -YouTube-

So in this video I buy the 10$ offer and I end up opening up 11 Premium Boxes. I also ended up getting one Legendary. This video also shows the item values and what upgrading a Legendary looks like. (and ofc what you can get for 10$)

Video is Unlisted to the Forums will upload soon ENJOY :smiley:

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OMG, Dwigthx,
that is just one pure disaster. 1 legend for 10 bucks? Nope, I am not going to accept this…Damn, and you are burning all those epics? Man, you have to now save them to craft them to legendaries… no other option… In the current status quo those epics are like legends before… No, I am just on my knees with despair…


In order to make the game less pay to win they put winning behind a bigger paywall.


At least before they had 70-80% of your power, now they see huge resists huge energy huge heat huge hps and weapons that have minimum damage higher than double their maximum.

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@Mordulec NO NO NO NO NO I did not make that upgrade !!! I didnt press the BOOST button

I hate to break it to you, but that legendary is pretty much a worthless filler legendary. Sure it has the potential to become mythic, but there is no physical build that wants a long range, pulling, no armor shredding, high heat, high energy weapon.

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What about this weapon? @Vorkaal

More worthless junk.

Especially when you compare it to the potential power levels of the legend/mythic only heat and energy melee weapons. That physical melee weapon also wastes its stat points on something the UI doesn’t even show you. It drains the total heat and energy of your target, but that trait is totally meaningless for a physical weapon to have because, as a physical damage dealer, you’re never going to ever seriously impact the heat/energy levels of your opponent.

Which is why that weapon has an ‘epic’ stage, while the superior items have no such epic stage.

It also has anti-synergy with probably the best 2 physical weapons, the Nightfall and the Annihilation, because those weapons rely on fighting your enemy as close as possible, to try and ‘duck under’ the minimum range of heavy blue and red weapons, like the upgraded versions of those blue and red epics you have in that screenshot there.


@Vorkaal So use the “Corrupt Light” or the “Malice Beams” ?
I like heat because I want to overheat the opponent so they cant play.

I’ve seen both corrupt light and malice beams on builds, they are at least viable, if requiring a ton of upgrading.

Bit of a jerk way to play, but certainly more viable than trying to make bad physical weapons effective.

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No. That was $10 dollars that went up in smoke…You just gambled 10 of your hard earned dollars for one legendary item that you may not even use…Tacticsoft…wow…smh. Just wow. At least on War Robots when you spend money you know exactly what $10 will get you. The only way I buy one time offers is if they offer free special boxes with the deal. At least if you don’t get any thing from the tokens you purchased you may get something from the free boxes they give you.

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Lol are they naming all weapons after BD players/Admins , Corrupt , Malice … what next

Seth Hammer , Ilona Spear , Joe sleeper Beam , Tom Bomb :smiley:

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Liran Mode Torso with +100 resists


Here goes another one

8 Days later I got the 795 Tokens again ; - ; it’s a really Good deal to me
There goes my 9.99$

Relax I’ll do it every once in a while !!! :scream::innocent:
This is a weekly thing not a daily thing ; - ;

Please waste your money on something else. The developers do not deserve any amount of money for going balls deep into the veteran players.

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I’m still enjoying this game though
also this video got a decent amount of views

Throw me a deal please its been a while ; - ;
@supermechs 9.99$ 795 tokens deal?

:innocent: :raised_hands: :raised_hand:

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Its been well over 4 weeks :sweat:


I think you spent these tokens until boxes sale.

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