SuperMechs upcoming grand feature



What if a Clan only build 1 Team for defense (only 1 player of the Clan build a defense team) :question:

Like …

So the attacking Team can only attack this 1 team, so they cannot add damage towards others :interrobang:

OR are all members of a Clan forced to build a defense team :question::question::question:



So this is basically Raid but with custom enemies and stuffs set up by the opposing team?


I think you did not understand, she works in game development, she has a lot of experience in the area, that is, she has the necessary knowledge to contribute based on her professional career as a developer, she really has a base to contribute. others can bring coffee and rolls. :smile:


Gorgon filled me in, thanks :+1:


It is good to know, however it is good to reinforce the ideas to be absolutely safe and avoid paranoia.It is essential that you understand. but since it is about you i can explain you again doubts about this 3 or 4 times more.

always willing to help you mate


Thank you for your gentle words! Always appreciate respectful people coming with a good atitude to clean things up :blush:


cant be happier.
please dont cancel this.
add it.

(donate tokens so i can paint my mechs white and red so i can call my clan holy crusade)


We will be.

My spirit will be in your clan (-talos-), but if you need the body (cyanine), I’ll help you out. :slight_smile:


Are we trying to make this game into clash of clans…


The rewards are not yet decided dude.


Ate you duding Wep?
Why not


She is not a dude fyi
Don’t worry, people do make mistakes


I know …lol…but i may prefer this way.


Even though there are some definite problems with clan wars, it does still seem fun, mostly because (1) It gives players reasons to work on their not so good mechs (2) Gets players to think more about there weapon choice so that AIs can do good with them and (3) Opens gateways for players to earn more rewards quickly from joining a clan. Sort of along those lines, I do hope they offer good rewards. Maybe leagues or something; the more clan wars your clan wins, the better rewards they can get. I think maybe those purple coins you get from Titans might be good, because I’m pretty sure it takes most people FOREVER to actually save up to buy something like a premium pack, which you could normally save up to and get in 1/3 or less of that time. It would allow players to actually buy things from that shop that they need.


I doubt they developed this feature in a couple of days…


That doesn’t mean you get the credit tho

MANY players suggested waaaay eariler than you did

Just type clan wars in the search menu and you’ll see dozens of topics


Depending on the real intention of the word “must”, here’s your answer…


I will only do it if the reward is very good. If the reward is poor like the Titan, I will not participate on this! Or they give me many tokens or legendary items, or nothing!

And if my clan doesn´t like it, then I run out of clan, no problem!

But I am sovereign and independent. No one can force me to participate in something I don´t want! I don´t like things placed under pressure.

Why do we want a clan war? !!! We already have a clan war every day! Every time you play a pvp it´s a battle against another clan!


i was thinking about the same…auto does idiotic moves that makes no sense,so i need to remove hook,teleporter and charge + push weapon to not waste time and hp on nonsense…

so the challenge here may be to build a non idiot defender that don’t do all these random things…


Yeah. I used to have a repulser on my mech but the AI kept making idiot moves with as if it thought it had good damage so I had to take it off just because of that.