SuperMechs upcoming grand feature


Aww :roll_eyes:
Pffft :weary:

Useless ! ! !


I don’t like the AI though. They always make kind of stupid choices on which weapons to use


Yet another update that sounds good but is garbage!


This kind of invention is not to make the game more fun (it’s a lie that competing is fun, competing is stressful). These things are to raise more money, to the extent that they want you to dedicate more time to the game and also feel committed to your clan.

Many people don´t fall into the trap of buying more because they dedicate more time to the game or because they have more commitment to it (although they undoubtedly download more publicity), but among 100 there will be someone who wants to invest something to improve. And that’s what they bet! To raise more money, to which you dedicate more time, to that you get hooked with the game …

If they give me a very good reward and if I have time, I may do it. But I’m not going to go into this for poor rewards or for medals or crap like that.


I don´t know who you are. But this is the most coherent opinion I have read here.


3 Mechs, I don’t even have two… We will see about this. I’m excited about this, but 3 mechs…


Lmao, I love you Mohad you always make good jokes, damn.

Drop rates, my dude. Talk about transparency when you show us them.


i will love this so much me and @Justz_Ramdomz vs other clans that will be awesome


Nope. @Elcent suggested this a year ago. His words have finally been put to light…


There were people suggesting this in the old forum, back in 2015, already


Lol spelling error…

Great update!!! :slight_smile::grin::wink: Thanks for the awesome (and much requested) update soon!


Of course, but Elcent’s got big and was very well flushed out on the new foru,


I thought we were talking about who suggested first


Well, I guess I didn’t go into too much in my first post… not that it matters


Awesome looking update! Bravo @Mohadib and TS team.


no i suggested it a couple of days ago and @Berserk40000 said the idea was tempting


If the wars are setup by the computer, then is there a way to make them smarter? Because there are specific ranged drones and whatnot


Yeah, we should set rules for the bot.


Your not the first to suggest it. It’s been suggested so many times. I think I also suggested it a couple years ago.


hmmm interesting

3v3… oh no