SuperMechs upcoming grand feature


Thank for acknoladgeing this :

Just a small mathematical fact:
5/10/15% out of 0.000…x = can be rounded down to 0.000…x.
yeah but sure some incentive should be given, since there are ample tweaks that can improve the gameplay, and the “real” feel of this game.
Maybe there could be an actual shop for these things, so that you can purchase these “buffs” when we actualy need them, or even buy some items that we need… I need RED RAIN…why won’t that drop for me? Not actualy going to use it… but it is missing from my collection :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


My concern is the ai can be abused. Will we be able to prioritize weapons to use? That way the ai does not ‘waste’ turns.


Or like, let the players fight if they’re online… Or, crazy idea, let whoever is online at the time, for that clan… Pilot for them if said player isn’t online.


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With defensive posture the goal of this feature, will we see more balanced modules return such as dual heat/energy and dual regen/cooldown modules? Defensive mech will lean toward rounded instead of counter builds and parts need to help supplement that.


The real challenge in clan wars will be to build effective defense teams.
The issue is that an AI operates completely differently than an actual player.

Especially mech builds created for an original fighting style of the mech’s creator himself/herself will not work when used by an AI that has fixed options on how to act in a situtation.

So the greatest difficulty will be creating mechs that the AI can use effectively.
And usually such mechs will then be easier to defeat than the original mechs of that player when he/she plays those builds personally.


The point here is not to build a solid, hard to drive trio, but a trio that can be driven by a newbie.



These will be needed to build Roundeds as Countered Mechs in the defensive team will be too easy to counter-counter


I cannot wait!! It seems like great fun!


A newbie could, because a newbie has a learning curve.
AI in use here doesnt.

However nice this feature sounds, if the defence is played by the current AI, itll just be a fancy raid…


Programmable AI

Check it out.


i’ll sum up my thoughts, ppl that aren’t connected to their clans won’t be after this feature, more time wasted weekly (or feature will be ignored by most), bad rewards, maybe nerfed rewards from somewhere else, will be relatively hard to implement (considering other features, that would impact game much more btw), ppl might be mad you hyped some new feature for nothing (personally i’m not expecting much from this). btw, you should focus more on pvp if you wanna keep ppl engaged with the game, or keep releasing fast and different pve stuff, this won’t cut it.


A new feature ?
The Enhancers ?

check the thread Forget it…


Clan wars? Lol… crap. I am not interested on that. I’ll not participate.

3x3 again is good new…!


will there be clan wars medals? or they will only be normal rewards?


Why are all you guys so. Pesimistic after all we are getting something and …


I x,p ect something special.


Getting what?

Let me read the whole topic, to see what the reward for participating in this …


ahhhh…there is no reward for now … and if it´s as bad as the titan rewards, I´m not interested in participating. The same way that the titan doesn´t interest me either.


At least this finally gives me an excuse to work on my heat mech and make it actually decent. :smile: