SuperMechs upcoming grand feature


Clan chat has little to no history and is an almost useless way of transmitting information.


@SilverBox how we going to fight another team member when he would not be online?
Its a bit confusing.


defense teams are controlled by the AI


it was quite far from a disaster as you can see since the game is still going, that update opened the game up to much more possibilities and the only reason most people were complaining about it is because all their stuff became obsolete. if the game continued down the path it was going when the before reloaded then it likely would have already died. if you don’t believe me someone could have joined the game today and in 2 weeks(even less actually but being generous) and be top ranking player.


Its Newbie time.!!! Lol


Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude , i’ve been waiting for this , YOOOOOOOOO


The only thing i’m worried about is that the AI might mess up
Some builds are too strategic to be run by AI, so what about that @SilverBox ?

My idea to solve the problem :

You could introduce a new mechanism “Priority” that tells the AI which weapon to fire first (if the enemy is in range ofc)


@Sivrbox u know AI messes things up so cant it be possible that after you have done the turn you could wait for 18 hrs for opponents turn.


@SilverBox, i believe the concern about the AI needs to be assessed.
I can build a very very solid trio, but as stated by some players above, they are tricky to drive. And, well, in auto pilot in campaign they perform very poorly. Any decent player would just use AI fails and this very OP line up would just perform very poorly.

Please be carefull for this shouldnt become an AI fails exploitation, thatd kill the interest for this otherwise very promissing feature.


This might work


Too many scenarios bro… would be tough.


to somewhat counter this they could allow the clan members using the defense team to test the team to see if it could work and if it doesn’t change it before the war begins.


Any other ideas then ?

I had a nap so my brain isn’t functioning properly


A good AI…


Then again, looses all interest, would fall to “how to exploit the AI”…/raid vs real builds


But hey if you can’t change the AI then might as well give players a way to work around it. It’s more of an adaptation learning how the AI would operate in certain situations and building the mech with that in mind because even if they update the Ai doesn’t mean it’ll do things as specific as you may want it to so then you’d still have to build with it in mind anyway.


I think this is another instance of the developers not really understanding the practical experience of playing the game.

on this concept of a “defense” team for intance. what is that even supposed to mean? no combination of mechs will form a good “defense” team when the rival clan is given an opportunity to compose their “attack” team which will doubtless be compiled to exactly target each mech in the “defense” teams weakpoints in order such that they can sit back and laugh at the, frankly retarded, AI as it bumbles around with random teleport menauvers and its fetishisation of the drone in battle strategies the most elementary of players can minipulate no matter how great a “defense team” is compiled. it’s just dumb. no mech is inherintly more “defensive” or “offensive” its simply a matter of pairing up correctly. this feature will just become another boring token farm like raid or titans with no real challenge for anyone thats been playing for 2 months or more.

but oh well.

also, Andernut is completely correct in pointing out that the clan chat system is a worthless way of communicating information because of how quickly information is lost. the battledawn ingame chat atleast saved every message from that session, ie didnt delete messages sent while you were online untill you went offline. however, even then any real communication happened via skype.


we’ll take a good look at it during testing phase.


cool more when it launches this a month months when?



Hey Devs, I thinks this is an awesome idea! Looking forward to it! :smiley:

A few thoughts

  • Please consider semi-programmable AI for the defense teams (eg. priority-based) or at least review the current AI and tweak some of the tactical decisions it makes (always drones 1st when attacking could be better, unnecessary teles/hooksjumps, tendency to ignore certain weapons, not accounting for drone range)
  • would love to see some innovative rewards, like Gold boosts of 10,20, or 30% in Arena/Campaign for the next 3 days, or even better, Loot roll boosts of 5, 10 or 15% for all boxes for the next 3 days (for those that don’t know, each item in a Box/Pack is rolled for individually prior to opening and higher rolls = better loot). These would encourage even more play and purchases. Rates are determined by enemy rank (25-16,15-5,4-1), so playing in stronger clans yield better rewards. Maybe even modify the % a bit by degree of victory (+1,+3, or +5% for close victory, sound victory, and slaughtered)
  • please consider displaying a running record of teams overall records against each other, and also top scores vs each clan

p.s. Please fix Titan ZERO damage Glitch (it’s very annoying, and would hate to see something happen for Clan Wars as well)