SuperMechs upcoming grand feature


@SilverBox @Mohadib If its a case of the target you attack doesnt sustain damage, won’t everybody just farm the weakest link in each clan?

If the targets can be, not destroyed, but disabled for a time period, it will stop them being farmable.

Unless of course you have a incredibly balanced points system worked out.


Finally I was the one who sparked the idea


Is it going to be the same rewards that I proposed or not


ur just late


before the war starts you must select your own defense team. that is the team that will defend the clan and it cannot be modified.


you can but that will cause your clan to lose.
for example: your clan “farmed” a single defense team and managed to get a top score of 1000.
the other clan got a score of 750 against each of your clan’s defense teams. which means they gained a score of 750 X 24. so basically there is no logic in targeting a single defense team. as I wrote before, the scores against the same defense team are not summed up, only the top score is the one that counts.


@Silverbox one final question from me.

Can you change your team while in a war?



Ah okay, gotcha.

So it’ll be a case of first round get everybody to hit one of the 24 enemy teams, second round, be a bit more strategic in how you pick attacks to try and maximise scores.

How will the actual scoring be determined?


your defense team - no.
your attack team - all the time.


quite similar to raids. I don’t have more detail than that right now.


System looks like in Clash of clans “clan wars”, its rlly pretty good


@SilverBox I have no idea how it works in raids tbh other than get as much HP as possible into your mech, keep as much of it as you can.

So will it be a case of those with platinum plating will naturally get higher scores than the rest of us?


not if you invest in high damage instead


What will you say about that?


@SilverBox Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Mech Corp is looking forward to the wars!


Raid score is a mixture of dmg taken vs total hp and inflicted dmg.


On the topic: it sounds good. Let’s see how it will be in practice) the titans were also promising, but they turned out to be a burden!


@lordgorgon I know. What I meant was, say I have 2k HP at the start of a fight and I win and am left with 1k.

Then say someone else has 3k HP and they win and only lose 1k HP.

Will there score be higher because they had a higher starting HP, even though both lost 1k HP.


Silverbox seemed to mean that theyll tweak up the dmg dealt impact on the score. Theyll see to something balanced i believe.

Youll also face clans in the same realm as yours, we can assume inventory depth will be similar.


A few months later …

… we will know all about :exclamation: