SuperMechs upcoming grand feature


On that, why do i slowly but surely become meme material around here? :thinking:

Is it a good thing?


it was mostly the way they deployed the update that everyone hated, which i had no part in testing (just the balance and the transform ranges n’ shiet)


Well, depends on how you receive it

If I get memed, I like to think that people appreciate and read my words and choose to show that they like to have fun with me

If bestplayer gets memed, she doesn’t seem to like it that much


Dont hezitate to use some of my handsome arse pics then. Meme i will be.

i meant Marcel of course


Yeah, I can’t blame them there. Their delivery, vet abuse, and how they basically gave everyone that wasn’t new the finger. In regards to inventory limits, rarity of items, transferring currency/items/tokens etc.

Balancing, hah, that’s never existed in pure form in SM. It’s always OP nonsense after OP nonsense.


wrong person, bud, I ain’t the teenager you sent those nudes to :eyes:


Do be specific, I’m a little lost atm (blame lack of sleep on that one). c:

oK? @ zerk


finna run out of likes at this rate


Hey, let’s keep the conversations topic-related, ok?


This is kinda good.

Although, do clans pick out other clans or just the Matchmaking AI matches clans from Top (X)s?

Ex :

Your current clan is Top 245.

The matchmaking can only get clans to match with your clan from 5 Tops above and 5 tops below, so you can only face Top 250-240 Clans.

The AI matches you with a Top 247 clan and blahblahblah Clans Wars!

Is that how it works?

Also another important question; What to do with floating, dead clans in the bottom?


clans are matched automatically according to arena rankings.
also, clans wont face the same opponent more than once a month or so.


Yup, I’m aware.


Ok cool.

But there’s one question unanswered.

By I mean dead clans, I mean those clans with like only 1 Member only (the offline leader) or a whole 15-24 members clan that have almost all members offline (like 256 days offline). Will the matchmaking, ahem, match us with these?

Because if that was the case, the seemingly online clan will have a sure-win.



I did idea an auto system timer kick for instances like that.

If someone’s not logged on in say a month, auto kick, same with leaders.

Would wittle down the amount of clans increase the quality of them.


hmmm… to tansform PvP to MMO?
and rename SM to BD?

IDK, but are too many layers above arena fights?


weak clans will be assigned to weak clans. the war can go on with a small number of members, which will result in a small number of defense teams.


@SilverBox So how will the wars work exactly?

Each clan member has a team of 3. We have x amount of attacks each, you pick an enemy you feel you can score big from and attack until you either run out of attacks or until the enemy team is disabled?

I did play a game with the exact war method, but it was one of those ghey match 3 puzzle games.


Ah, that’s why llyl is so low at the moment. :rofl:


more or less.
each member has X attacks. once you attack a defense team you get a score for that attack. you might choose to attack it again if you think you can improve your score (score is improved, not added!). in the beginning of each war a good clan will first make sure all defense teams were attacked once. and only after that they will think how best to spend their remaining attacks.
each war has two rounds and the war result is a sum of the scores of both rounds.
basically the second round is to perfect your performances in the first.
also, the score every clan gets from all defense teams is the highest score gained per team. meaning, even if all members attacked the same defense team, only the highest score will count.


By defense team(s) you mean 3 mechs built specifically by the player, put in a specific team, or will they be just same mechs as the player is currently using for arena? (Like the same way how inspecting a player displays his currently selected team even though it might not be the team he uses for arena battles)