SuperMechs upcoming grand feature


O my god… Well time for preparing to lose everything


I actually seen/heard a lot about Miron and powtaito (this one, lord have mercy). Other two are new, so my statement really only applies to mi/pow c:


Reimubots is the leader great member and influencer of HTK and works outside the clan. She is nice personality-wise, but have yet to know her name in game. Very quiet about that.

OSS117 AKA Gojira, great friend of Miron and I like him too :heart_eyes: Quit the game, I think… says hi once in a while.


They both sound lovely, how long has Reimubots played? the name strangely rings a bell. Anywho, with my resurgence, I’ll hope to meet them at some point.

assuming this current meta doesn’t drive me nuts


Reiko is actually in the game industry. Lots of insights in both developing and gameplays. Hence my remark.
Shes playing this game since 5 years.


That too, yes. Great woman


@Mohadib, @SilverBox, if you need testers or feedback on the feature, look no further. I have 0 affiliation with big clan names so no information gained will be leaked to one side or the other giving them an unfair advantage when you first implement this.



:bell: :exclamation: :exploding_head:


shhhh, Trolls aren’t sweaty enough to leak confidential info


I think you guys seem to miss the point of beta testing infavor of just getting free shit/chances to flex unannounced stuff.

Beta testing requires a lot of work not just on the developers part but the users part. Ie reporting bugs, issues and/or gameplay etc

And many other things they may need. Which if I’m being honest, not many can do well enough to be useful. This clan involvement thing shouldn’t affect anything. Unless they’re pulling a sarah/mohadib and giving top clans “special” offers again.


I think you missed the point where only Gorgon was serious and the rest of us memed him


My comment wasn’t directed at you. More at Leo, I understood quickly you guys were memeing him.

So uwu


i guess i’m a bad beta tester, just look at Reloaded


STOP with the “uwu”, weebtastic

and okay, i’m just saying my part


Really? After all this time? After I quit the game?

Do I need to start playing again?



btb back on roll


Reloaded was and still is a “beautifully fucked up update” on the developers part. (pardon the french).

I don’t blame beta testers/people for hating it. It was a disaster. But I’m hopeful the company is going in a better route now.

@WinzKay no, UWU forever <3


Danky :frowning:



Dont you break mah heart again.



reunions suck

im outta here