SuperMechs upcoming grand feature


I don’t think spying will help much unless you’re in a discord chat or forum chat to properly show the builds and such


well we have to take into account that pilots talk to each other even outside SM
for example I am in a discord server where there are only Spanish-speaking players
and everyone is in a different clan


Well, you can inspect all teams before fighting them, seeing how the mechs look like (without seeing actual stats of course). and after fighting a team you can always write in the clan chat if you have important info to share.


that can be easyly negated up to a point.
It is 3v3, so if the starting mech is always random, this might kinda solve it a bit… luck beeing a good part of it.
But what worries me, is that some builds actualy rely on setting up combos and shots… like push and scopers… or rushers with tonto.
AI will need to play alot better then it does in campaign… doing stupid moves from time to time… like push then hook when you have long range drones equiped, or push out of short ranges drones… or stomping with claw, etc etc.


That would be the Scouting aspect of it… and its cool.
But haveing inside info, makes it even faster, and easier to counterbuild.


an important clarification:
Defense teams cannot “die”.
the fight is for best score, quite similar to raids.
even if you defeated a defense team, that team will remain in the war, allowing other members to score even better.
score is, again like in raids, determined by how many attacks you did, how much damage you took, etc…
a successful war will usually have all members first make sure all defense teams were attacked once and then wisely use the remaining attacks to increase score as best as possible, each member focuses on the defense teams they think they will be best against. so I wouldn’t worry about the computer AI so much :slight_smile:


ok we’ll see well ,
I hope will be interesting

why do not we have base?

I was surprised, is that normal?


this screenshot of “trading” was fabricated.
regarding bases, I have no new info at the moment.


ok by whom? , they are entitled, to exchange then ?

you find normal?


Gross, it is fake.
Not real.
It was photoshoped.


this screenshot is completely fabricated.
that is not one of our tests or anything like that.
there is no trading system in the game and we have no plans to implement one.


wait till 1st of April.
this will come again.
Ps: might have missed the launghing date of this new Clan Wars feature, any ideea on when it becomes live?


Heh :wink:
a few months. no actual date yet.


thank you, for not saying “soon”… that would have been triggering :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Wow, now thats nice.
Also looks like 3v3 will be introduced in arena, would be logical.

@Mohadib, @SilverBox, if you need testers or feedbacks on the feature, look for @ReiMuBots


@Mohadib, @SilverBox, if you need testers or feedback on the feature, look for @Miron_Mironovich and @OSS117

2 can play that game, monsieur


@Mohadib , @SilverBox , if you need testers or feedback on the feature, look for me😉


I should have copyrighted this line…


You won’t find a beta tester as thorough nor as no life as mwah.

jk these dorks gave some good candidates :eyes:


Trans be like

but he don’t know who powtaito, reimubots, oss117 or miron are/barely heard of them XDDD