SuperMechs upcoming grand feature


This feature will give us another strategy to master; that if the AI. It’ll be interesting to see what peeps come up with to maximize AI strengths for sure.

In my mind, Wepawet (and others) makes a very good point: what happens if clan mates don’t want to participate? What if they can’t? How are rewards allocated? I’m definitely interested to see what happens in this regard.


Preferably also imovable, otherwise he may jump like an idiot around the arena.


As I think of it now, they could just let us cross the 1000kg limit for the defenders… mechs in campaign seem to surpass that limit anyway
This way we could build mechs that would cover all ranges, therefore dumb AI wouldn’t be so much of a problem… It’s about dealing as much damage as possible for defenders anyway, so if everyone can use basically all they have, it evens out (I believe)


So, like When is this going to happen? Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month, or Next Year???



I dibs defence against energy mechs


Ahhhh … that problem is solved (at least for Wepwawet) … If reward is very good, Wep plays. If the reward is shit as the Titan, Wep does not participate, but sure no one will care if it´s shared among all the clan or among the 10,000 of the game if they want.



I will take care about Wepsy’s defense Mechs for every …

HardToKill vs Llyl



They said that it would be a few months before it was released I believe


Hmm… Long wait…


Well on the bright side the discussion in here might give them new ideas to add to clan wars? And they can also perfect it so that players want to play it.


Put a good reward in tokens and everyone will want to play it!


My clan is full of noobs though.

What if we can make the strongest member (maybe the clan leader) the “Boss.” You know when you do a campaign farm or Raid you’ll always face that black-mech as the “Boss”


Hell yeah and mark him as as the boss giving his mech special Shiny black


Wow… Honestly, IDK about it being 3v3.



Yeah 3v3 or no 3v3 clan wars still are cool.


who thinks that the lvl 200 and pp and clan quests is SO much better than this ?


Both of them are helpful in their ways.:wink:


meh …
we still don’t know what it’ll reward us
but yea maybe it’ll be something good too


Its going to make extreme countering impossible. 3v3 revolves around balanced mechs and skewing in either the AP, AE, or AH categories based on what your opponent lacks.