SuperMechs upcoming grand feature


Hello dear Pilots!

We are always looking to expand the SuperMechs universe by creating new content, new challenges and fresh and exciting experiences.
This time we wanted to combine two new special challenges: competition between clans and 3v3 battles.
Therefor, we are happy to announce that we are constantly working on the biggest addition to the game so far: Clan Wars!
The Clan Wars will finally allow clans to compete against each other in 3v3 battles every week across the largest battlefield yet: 24 mech Teams of 3 mechs each!
For the first time in SuprtMechs clan members will coordinate with each other to figure out how to best defend their clan by building the most efficient Defense teams and how to perform the most effective and devastating attacks to their enemies by building the most deadly Offence teams.
winning a clan war will require a high level of strategic cooperation between all members.
we are very excited about this brand new challenge and can’t wait to see all clans unleash their armies to clash with each other!

Even though there are a good few months before Clan Wars is released we wanted to already share it with you. We will soon share more details on how this system works and how a clan war cycle looks like. It’s very important for us to continue to be transparent and clear as to where SuperMechs is headed and to get your thoughts, ideas and feedbacks.

You are the best community ever and we are grateful for your support and dedication!

Any reason to come back?

Was looking forward to SM clan wars for a long time , Finally.


slower sprinter :v
I think the good ones are coming :v


oh shoot
my 3rd mech still not ready yet



FINALLYY !!! !!! !!! !!!



What’s the point of 3v3 if you can’t maneuver your mechs??


Good news!
The 3v3 will be back!
But 3 questions:

  1. will it be back also in Arena, or just in Clan Wars?
  2. will Clan Wars be a seperate event, like the Titan, or will it be more like/linked to Arena Battles?
  3. Will the defending/offensive teams be AI controled or Player controled?


Me before cheaking post: alright, what kind of update will this be

Me after clicking on the post: OOOOOOOOOOOOO (I screamed seeing that many mechs)


already 2 things of my dream are fulfilled :v
first: flying mechs
second: group fights

Whats Next?




This is great! The one feature I was actually hoping to be added

3v3? Defensive? Hehehe roundeds are back on track!!

Reward? Not said but:

  • Clan AP boost?

  • Regular reward of Gold?

  • Items?

  • Chance boxes?

possibilities are endless

Chance to speak up with clanmates… communication becoming more important than ever!

Thx Devs


hey quiet old :v
it’s not ready yet :v


wasn’t really asking :sweat_smile:

just saying what I see

  1. only in clan wars at the moment.
  2. clan wars will be a weekly event. new war every week.
  3. defending teams will be AI controlled. it’s like that in all games in this genre. otherwise it’s not really possible to coordinate a proper time to fight.

:question: 2v2 = good / 2v2 = bad

Thank you devs!


we are focusing 100% on gameplay at the moment.
when we’ll start working on rewards we will let you know.


What will happen to those who do not have a full clan :v?


Thank you.
Looks promising, will need alot of planing specialy in the defence department… since counterbuilding will be mostly used when attacking.

Or Ranking?
You guys deserve a :birthday: and some :champagne:
Bravos :clap::clap::clap:


Screenplay looks great thus far so no worries

I didn’t mean to rush for an answer, I was just speculating :sweat_smile:


Hmm, this will be very interesting, since scouting/Spying can be used as main advantage.
Knowing the defence, and how to counterbuild for it… boom.
Will be a new side to SM, hmm… looks like BD really contributed to this side of SM universe.