SuperMechs Unplayable at the moment

Exactly since SuperMechs is available at …

Google Play Store / Apple App Store

… it causes several issues :

  • all players expierence huge lag now, so its on your side

  • last move / shot needs all time, sometimes even longer, and you dont know for 10 - 20 seconds did you win or disconnect

  • very often you have to read now “please wait” for also 20 - 30 seconds during you go to different menus

  • wins count double, losses count double, cos of that “lag” (its cos winner have to wait over the time battle finished and loser quit or refresh during)

A very wise “man” said :

There are no accidents !


Also the weekly tournament was ended 2 times on 09/01/2017.

  • 1st end / news is the correct result

  • 2nd end / news is nonsens + FREE stuff for all who were listed top3 (clans and single)

Since a little design update …

  • in player rankings wins are shown twice now

  • losses arent shown anymore

^^ WE WOULD need this for gameplay, because since no points are shown, we have to watch wins/losses to know how far we are away from others !

  • SuperSonic dont work at the moment

  • player are splitted right now, 2 different player groups / servers

  • one server says : weekly ranking list has been reset

  • other server, the weekly tournament time is running

can you fix please all this issues, thx

Hello, have game removed the clan medals of the clans who won by bug? (littlelost your lost, shiro, break patriot) I would appriciate it if they do or if they’ve already did it

I hope they don’t… I support Break Patriot for 2nd greatest clan. (after botclan… first record breaker clan… top 3 with NO losses… and 11 members)

will any admin reply?

What’s going on today?

just to complete the list:

  • wins in replay and! chart are taken as a loss, after lagging:
    Frawatuet vs Frisk you should watch till the end.
  • has anybody still an electric discharger, old myth, ‘in use’?
    (ok, funny/funky item) but it operates only in campain not arena!

+final statement:
Keep distant from the plan to limit number of items!

Hello…I am worried about someting, I was a good player before this update, but not a pro, the update gave me the chance to rise and get clan medals, but many ppl now believe that clan medals are useless, and that anyone can get one which makes me feel i failed in my goal being special ( to feel like i belong in the group with the other top players) so is that true that clan medals are now useless?

they say that clan medals were valuable only before the new update, that with the new update anyone can get good items and get clan medals, and if it is like that then i failed in my goal :frowning: