Supermechs ⛅ THANKS FOR 1,000,000 VIEWS


I would like to thank Supermechs and my Fans for 1,000,000+ VIEWS
Sometimes I complain but I have some haters but idc THANKS :heart_eyes:
8/14/2018 2-$



Congratulations fellow Clanmate :joy:


Why do you have almost 40 myths when you only done 19 “MAX MYTH” videos?



Idk what does that mean…can someone tell me?

Btw…do an special 1000000 vid to bully haters,thank.


A plot twist is an unexpected change in thestory

Easiest way I could put it but maybe someone else here can make it better


He doesn’t post copies of other items (Ex: 2 Heat Bombs, 2 Nightfalls), and he doesn’t post Special Items/Modules since they are not that special. Unlike weapons, legs, drones and torsos which are literally the main mech itself.


im one of those fellow subscribers! :smiley:
congrats @Dwightx!


Thanks for subscribing :blush:

I can’t make a maxing video for every item i stopped doing that a while ago.


I am one of those fellow subscribers as well


no problem man. i like your content.


Dwightx you are one of my favorites SM youtubers i like your vids yesterday i gained the claw and i put on my 3rd mech im planning a physical mech


Thank you :blush: :smile:
Very nice compliments I like


lmao same. dab on the haters cause i get hate comments sometimes lol


Well that’s cringy.


what. whats so cringy about dabbing on haters?


Dab on 'em harder


Dab is cringe.


oh. imma dumbass then XD


yo estoy suscrito a este canal es de ingles pero bueno, es un buen canal


Gracias :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: