Supermechs stop teasing me


Giving me the 50$ offer for 20$… but on my ftp account!


Nice gold mate, can i borrow some.


If that’s your ftp account…



I just tend to rack up a lot of gold really fast :sweat_smile: and I’ll post that in the next reply


I’ve been playing since December on this account and only for like two months on the ftp account


Incase y’all were wondering these are the mechs on the ftp


Can someone tell me what is ftp?


It means free to play I think that’s what it means


Yes ftp means free to play


So you play for free? free in what form?


Free as in not paying for tokens, but on that account specifically.


Wow! Nice deal on the tokens! :star_struck:


I would totally get it if it was on my p2w account :sob:


Uh, why play on 2 accounts?


I felt kinda bored on my main account and starting again just kinda seemed interesting to me. I wanted to see how fast i could progress if I did it again with the knowledge I had from my main. Ended up with my first max myth after about a week or so and kept going from there. Now my second account is rank 7-5 typically and is starting to give my main a run for its money :joy:
Tldr: for funsies


What is your IGN???


Sir_Rio and TheAlternator




Thanks…time to check out your acc


Enjoy I have some fun replays in there