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Do you guys like this video after you watch it?

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If you don’t like,can you tell me how can I do it well in next time


Nice Video! :slight_smile:

Thank you,can you guys give me any suggestion for next video!:slight_smile:

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100% of yes so far mate. You raised good interest here, nice

Enjoy this video!:wink:
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Audio is a bit fuzzed up in places.
I think you made it a bit too loud, I would rather have it a smooth music rather than a fuzzy type music.
Although its a solid video for testing and seeing how well EMP plays out in super mechs.

(Though I do notice if people like BestPlayerInTheWorld make a video almost everyone comments and likes it while side characters like us don’t get a lot of comments.)
Wish I could post up a video to see if anyone else would like it, but it is your youtube channel, and I don’t want to ruin it for you.
Either way great video :+1:
Its a solid 5:02 minute video.
I’m planning on making a… meme montage I guess you can call it. Going to take me a while to make though unsurprisingly.


enjoy this video!:wink: