SuperMechs Simulator Beta Version


I know you don’t have 3 plat plates but yea.



WTF IS THAT!!! im so confused… is this on supermechs!?


ah. xD i will check it out lmao.


It’s this.

But if you want more specific numbers, use this.

(better lmao)


kinda cant use


Why not?


for one… school blocked kongregate. two the other browsers has adobe but is blocked by school.



400/300 is not bad but neither very good.

With Brutality you can get this numbers, but I tested it and Vs. Others heat is not good.

You need 350 or more cooling and 450 or more cap heat. I carry 400 cooling and 500 maxheat on my heat mechs.



I was about using 3 Boosters in that build, but had some extra weight to spare so I added one Engine


With 3 booster you can use 1 heat storage.


Does it attack the player?


wth is that??? xD so your fighting something that is literally shaped like a robot


Is that my anti virus dudu?


this is my today work mate :smiley:

top wepons with that buttons

Still not attack yet :))D


Looks promissing though.

I’ll get the item sprites for when I have time.

Do you have any SWF decompiler?


:smiley: is a robot image but i think looks like esset


I’m too sad to fight em lol.