SuperMechs Simulator Beta Version


Weekend is comming guys :smiley: but till now i have some of design working + stats
Stats ----- working
ARMOUR ----- Design working
LEGS ---- Design working
ALL SIDE WEPONS ---- working

working means is not 100 bug free


I’m very excited!


damn, looks exiciting


Wew. This is my mech maxed w maxed arena bonuses!


@modemer hehehehehehe


Holy crap :exclamation:

Amazing job! Would want to see this! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::wink::laughing::smiley::smile:

By the way, they updated Archimonde’s stats. It is now :

1090 HP
265 Energy Cap
265 Heat Cap
76 Regen
76 Cooling
22 Explosive Resistance
22 Electric Resistance
22 Physical Resistance
363 Weight


I also updated it mate :wink:




Remove heat modules until you heat is at 600 something with 300 cooling, then fill in plates.


i have redone my modules. i now have an anti heat instead of a balanced mass heater. it has 6 heat engines and a plat plating.

EDIT: thought you replied to something else lol


i want anti heat and for heat it needs high heat cap and cooldown.


Heres my progress.


You only need 3 of those Engines though.

And much more HP / Resistance, else you’re going to die in 3 turns VS physicals, even maxed and with bonuses.


im an anti heat tho. since imma be fighting fire with fire i will need extra heat cap and cooldown. plus my build has been highly effective. if you look at my hp and my weapons. my magma blast, heat bomb, vandal rage, corrupt light, and nemo is a great one.


Still, around 300 Cooling and 400 Cap is enought.

Having high heat cap and high cooling doesn’t means you’re undefeateble VS other heat mechs, specially with such low HP and no resistance.


i know killin. but imma take heat cost from my own weapons and so i will need the room. especially my heat bomb.


though considering how overpowering it may seem, ill consider taking one heat engine off and replacing with either another armor module or resist module.


This is never a problem man…

Gimme a minute, i’ll build a heat counter using the same weapons you have.

Which weapons do you have behind the axe?


heat bomb. and magma blast.