SuperMechs Simulator Beta Version


Oh yeah, Flaming Scope is 21 Weight, Lightning Scope is 23 Weight, and there’s a New Weapon called Falcon :


It is 19 weight.


it would be cool to test out the mechs you make against other mechs/computers but it would take as long as earth took to go from simple bacterias into us today


thanks look now mate :smiley:


Btw nice simulator, i still dont know why theres a damage test and a home button, probably will be added soon


mate i did something what you sad with fight against monster but i am really at the begining of learning so i have a lot of things to learn anyway i will show you my monster mini game link


Sure : )

(20 characters)


anyway i stop working on this for the moment


Great job man, few months ago I made my own simulator in C++ but it didn’t have graphics UI. However calculating weight is really important thing, same as keeping away those 8 multiprotectors :slight_smile:

GL in programming and have fun!

Ps. is this JavaScript?


thanks mate also I have start working and learning few months ago … and my first try of simulator was an excell sheet :)) … and yes is JavaScript


Bune treaba,Marian!
Imi pare bine sa vad ca inca te ocupi de simulator;mi-a fost foarte de folos,dar ne-ai putea spune daca ai facut vreun progress cu optiunea ‘‘Test mech’’?


If you say so L4K3, if you say so…^^


You didn’t understand anything,did you?


Not a single word (maybe except “simulator” and “Test mech”, those are pretty universal about SM XD) ^^

And don’t even remember what language it is…so I can’t use Reverso or Gogole Translate to save me an headache XD


It’s in romanian :slight_smile:
But well,I only praised a little and asked if he’s continuing with the ‘‘Test Mech’’ feature.


It’s more understandable to me in English XD

I like his site personnaly ^^


Da amice voi continua dar momentan voi lua o pauza sa pot invata mai multe înainte sa lansez dmg test și as aprecia foarte mult dacă a-ți lasă like la postare :D.

In viitor as vrea sa actualizez grafica programului și sa realizez dmg testul.

Yes mate i will continue The simulator program but for The moment i will take a pause to learn more things before i release The dmg test and i really apreciate if Who like the program to give a like to post.

In next update i want to update Graphics and make The dmg test working.


I though that you won’t update that simulator.
Happy that you have continued.


I also want to bring a dmg test future but it will take a while , till then hope u like this version :smiley:


first day on dmg test release

From today I have start working on dmg test

It will be available soon


those stats…seems legit :joy_cat:

But seriously, nice thing ^^ can’t wait to see my dream mech being destroyed by unobtainable weapons :joy_cat: