SuperMechs Simulator Beta Version





Oh yeah, Arena Shop resistances can now go to 40%.

Anyways, amazing job still! :blush:


It is realy cool :slight_smile:


thanks guys I will come today with beta version




thx mate fixed :smiley: in new version


Np, thanks for you, you do what the developers had to do


You’ve got a little mistake here

Here LS weights 21 but…
In game it weights 23, a little mistake but it would destroy my 1000kg build


thx I will fix it now


guys if someone see a incorect value please report and I will fix it cause it will be very awesome if the program will be more correct


guys did someone know if you can have more then 99 protection ? or max is 99


My mech in the future

Might have the molten vest in the future


it shows 99 but can go for ever


ok thanks and nice mech also … hope I will get minimum a platinum legendary module


Ok, they are very rare but it is a replucer ecsept that one is a iron plate on my main


This will be mine in a far away future, I hope to this time I will get at least one Plat plate…


4 minutes till we know if we get a item portal


You can have more than 99.


thanks ; so for now it only remain the bug with protector to fix and a dmg test to do …