SuperMechs Simulator Beta Version


Who needs a sharingan when you have a bank account


I was working in paralel at naruto project there is a itachi image with his eyes and a button that play amaterasu… Anyway i hidden them :))


Lord Gorgon’s Nightmare.



Lmao I get it.
That’s his weakness lmfao


How to active Sharingan:

Right click > Source Code


Update : Holy shet

This is all 99% accurate, it’s just the weight is off by a little bit.


@KilliN I’m waiting for the best one to arrive :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Lol. @Mechaver @Killin




He did it.
He acctualy did it.

Mate you’re probably better.


I corrected it :smiley:


Oh that’s better.
That’s even better.


The utilty one with ‘’???’’ are called shields.
I hope ts add’s them.


Hope they make us able to get it, because they already exist, right?
Since they are legacy…


Yeah,yeah.Saw that sarah talked about it.When they add this new shields,it will stop madness betwen wep and besty lol.


thx mate , + fixed +


Hey there!
I want to tell you that,even to this day,I am still using the program you made and I find it very useful.
Could you update it when you have time,by any chance?


O crap i was too late to revive this and mention it.
@Robert_Marian can you uhh…upgrade alitle bit?


Why not try @KilliN’s program?


Will this be updated to add hammers? I would love it