SuperMechs Simulator Beta Version


Nvm, I got the source from the page. It would be nice if you put this in a repo though so you could merge my stuff as you see fit :slight_smile:


Hey @Robert_Marian, why don’t you add weapons as well?..might take a long time but yeah…


Welcome to the party mate.


I already start working on them mate , it will be next update


Great, can’t wait …


can @mr.e pin this or something?
pretty darn helpful…
edit-After he adds the weapon slots…
@Robert_Marian, you deserve a medal.


thank you so much mate , soon will have wepons / utility and drones



This is an awesome contribution to Supermechs, and to the forums, you should feel happy because many, many, MMAANNYY players liked it, even one of the managers of SM, @Sarah247, liked it.

So, amazing, good, outstanding, the best of the best job mate :slightly_smiling_face:

Also give this man a special badge please



thanks , you are too good mate
anyway I already start working on those

soon I will come with an update


I like idea


Great Work :exclamation:


@Sarah247 please give her/him a “Helper” badge :exclamation:

@Sarah247 @Mohadib and @Alexander feel free to use “The Helper” sign which I found, it would fit perfectly for a badge - a special coloured one :exclamation:


SuperMechs Simulator




A milion of thanks to you guys

thanks for supporting me


hey mate…
this has been really helpful.
I just wanna point out, but in you website, the weight for the L-M single protectors(mighty, ultrahot, and supercharge) is the same is maximum protector…
actually the maximum is 51kg, and the other 3 are 28 kg.

Eagerly waiting for the new version :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks mate i will come with a fix in next update


haha, you have a “displayNarutoImage()” function in your page that does some magic :slight_smile:
well played.


What? Where do you see it?


You need to have Sharingan to see it :eyes:


nice anime reference :sunglasses:


is it the shuriken thing at the top left?lol


Oh wait, you mean the spinning sharingan in the corner? I see it.

Also just noticed you are one of the Team, pardon my sudden post.