SuperMechs Simulator Beta Version


That’s an interesting idea, if you need any help with images in general feel free to ask me

I can get Png os all the sprites in HD, in literally any dimension you want.


My rounded has 2 energy storages, 2 energy engines, 2 heat engines, 1 plate and 1 multi res.
I dont run counter builds save for my anti phys.
If requested i can share all 3 of them…


I mean that you dont have these. Just the multi resistence module.


Its missing singular pieces of resistence (heat , energy and phys)


thank you so much mate , but in this morning I already fixed them , but when I will work on the next version I think I will need help there


thanks / I added today … I will post soon the new update version


nice !! GJ!


thanks mate I apreciate


@Robert_Marian This is pretty awesome.
Awesome contribution.


thanks hope you enjoy

I will come with a new version but idk when exactly


I was thinking about you adding kg’s.
Might be important.



Oh you added it.

The poggram looks great Robert!
Keep it up.


thanks mate for supporting me:smiley:


Forgot one thing to mention.
Any plans for wepons,unilty’s etc?


I have some ideas for next update … one is that with wepons and utility or bring legendary and purple items to the simulation


When would be added?


Post repo pls :stuck_out_tongue:. I have some ideas I wanna implement myself.


Repo? U need The source?


ummm dude
the dynamite boots weight 136


Thanks, good to know i will fix It tommorow
Also if u see some diferences weights that are not corect please tell me