SuperMechs Simulator Beta Version


why doesn’t damage test work ?


I’ts still in development.


almost weekend :smiley: but what i have done till now is

making the side wepons attacks

and thanks to KiliN i can make them looks better


Add Burning Shower, above you have link to stats


I will add it tommorow mate thanks for request :smile:



but the thing is it will be posted at the end of the week (hope) with also the dmg test


It’s not this topic, it’s not Killin one



progress of this week …

Guys I am sorry about the release date … it will be monday not today cause still have some little things to repair before i post a beta version


Take your time ^^

It’s better that you take a few days to finish it rather than throwing inacheved something in our faces :smiley_cat:



DMG TEST V1.0.0 is Open
Finally i update the simulator with a dmg test :smiley:
========== Things that we have in this version ===========

  • Create a robot from your selections
  • Create an enemy with your own stats
  • Attack with side weapons
  • Attack with top weapons
  • Cooldown button

==== Things that will be awesome to have ====
----- weapon uses -----

  • Attack with legs
  • Attack with drone
  • Attack with hook
  • Damage dealt by teleport
  • Damage dealt by charge
  • Range
  • Walking
  • Independent enemy
    ===== BUGS ======
  • most of attacks are not the same
  • most of sound attacks are not the same
  • energy damage might be not real

Anyway guys this is first try and my first version of a dmg test.
Hope you like it :smiley:


Cool think! Hope that range and knockback are added soon. Also, can the dumby mech refrain from cooling down every turn? It takes a way from the accuracy of a heaters simulation.


If on,y this was possible…


thanks mate i will come with a fix in next version :smiley:


Well then​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


how did u get that bug mate =)))?


Adjusting the resistance :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I got bored xD :rofl:


the thing is i didn’t put a maximum verfication cause is’t this was my interess :)) but hope the damage is right


I hope so too xD i will make a video of this before you fix it XDDDDD


thanks :)) and if you discover something else please post is good to know