SuperMechs Simulator Beta Version


Updated version

***** Bug with protectors has been fixed *****

And about the next version i will realease finnaly the dmg test
(anyway date for this update is unknow)

link –

Looking for post or anywhere about torsos, legs, and weapons
Someone build my dream mech please!
Just for fun - Forum Game!

nice job mate… Will be better if the weight is shown as well.
Here is my setup-

Like it?


good I will give tommorow update with weight and about that maximum protector i know its a bug and I am working on it


For the module part you dont have the single unitsof prot , both for c-e and l-m @Robert_Marian


excuse me… you forgot to add the dynamite boots…
just saying


Thanks for info mate anything that can help me to improve It is good


Grim shows as interceptor :frowning:



Good job @Robert_Marian, you have done the best of all here :smiley:



He still lacks some pictures for them.

@everyone if anyone is kind to give him pictures, please give him some here maybe.


My setup currently.


It seems if I have maxed modules, I apparently have 800+ Energy cap with Amazing Regen… With Shop Bonuses.


Do you realise taging everyone won’t work?


I k n o w t h a t .

I have known that since the dawn of time :slightly_smiling_face:


Lord Gorgon’s build (probably)


@Robert_Marian you can milk item pictures from this topic Mythical items png with maxed stats


Gorgon has high cap but low Regen.


This is my Dream Mech, I will succeed if I ever get a Platinum Plating


thanks for info me mate …I will come with a update today


thanks mate I apreciate


mate I really wanna understand what means "you dont have the single unitsof prot , both for c-e and l-m "

Sorry i am not that good at english