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Yes yesss yessss… good diego… congratulation!!!


YAYYY…positivity in the air


Hello all,

Myself and Elcent have been discussing what to do with this thread as by this point it has become bloated and with the discord server now in place we have decided to make this a strictly sprite only thread. This doesn’t mean we want to stifle or stop altogether the communication between artists and players, we just want to direct it to a place more suited for it.

Discord Link

We will delete any indirect replies or small conversations from now on.

The Official Sandbox Mini-Convo Thread

arx t5l



dmg 501-723
use 1 in LEGENDARY use 2 in MYTHICAL
heat drain 19
legendary to mythical
range 1-4
heat attack 340


@SeanChoi1870 's artwork collab

Name: Unknown

Designed from this:


Hyperlion by WinzKay


Hyperion Black


i request that(if you dont mind) you help me with my future remixes. i recently made another.
its not the best editing… but i tried.


okay i need help can you people fix it for me my first drone i still need a name for it so could you all help me


energy agony-and agonizing burning


here’s the single ones by @Maxy


My version of the repair drone


Hollow Silence:






Rainbow Madness

For the handle I just put it like that cuz I still a bit lazy to make the arm AGAIN.

Not to mention that this thing weighs about 80 but removes 5 from all resistance, adds heat, drains energy, does bout 300 - 350 damage. yes I know this is kinda over powered. But don’t judge it its just a rainbow.


my heat howitzer


I was trying to portray a weapon like this tank


here is my version of the thermal sword in sm


my torso + trucks and of course the howitzer


Sparta (Evolved Form of Ronin cuz Why not.)