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I usually just use shading (In art) to make it look 3d, but the computerized version is harder but lokos a lot better. Other than Leonardo da vinci because his works (Which mind you, some people go “eh” when they see it because there are a few people who can do that) came from older times, which people didn’t experience a lot of art as good as that. His 3D making models in his paintings are so 3D and at first I thought it was a photo before.


ok 1798 hp? WAAAAAAAAY to unbalanced. If it was that, then his energy and heat would have to be like 4.


It’s HP and Resist are both overkill so yeah…


Well said: I loved it, only that the upper part of the back, as it still does not convince me, your welcome and remember to subscribe to ddark515k on youtube :slight_smile: Have a great day everyone, (even though mine never is) :slight_smile:


I really think the mission 4 it should be like bigboys but with this boss and that you can obtain it (it being a 40 in 100 drop chance)


@Kn0Tn0YT okay it would be
nrg regenaration:270
cool down:200
phy sheild:32
elec sheild:37
blast sheild:32

when it’s maxed


still unbalanced…how about this:
342 kg
1036 hp
286 heat cap
104 cooling
217 energy cap
72 regen
22 phys res
16 heat res
22 energy res

the stats you provided is already like a full mech with very low hp,like is 200 cooling right just for torso?


Still way to much. Energy is too high. Heat is too high. Regen is too high, cool down is still high, resistance is still way to much. Also, there is already a God Torso, but that was in older updates. Now the real god torsos would be like Zakares and Windigo. I think the stats should be similar to zakares but with just a little bit less hp and more energy, since I see that it looks like an energy torso for the most part.


hew @Kn0Tn0YT @LegacyMech its too much because its god and only one stage t6 (mythical) it will get in insane mode of last mission in campaing


If you want to your own stats,pls make it unobtainable.It’s too OP.


This thread is destined for making/sharing sprites.
If the master wants to come up with some stats for his creation,he’s free to do so (even tho the devs will make their own and re-balance them if the sprite is to be implemented).
Please don’t make stats for someone else or spam too much as we might miss other great works.
Have a nice day!


Yes,he can have implemented,read the post above to find out why.
And please don’t tell the sprite maker what to post and what not to post.


That choice isn’t ours to make.
We only provide the sprites and give a suggestion,nothing more,nothing less.


Seems don’t matter how many times @Elcent post, you all wont stop with the useless posts here.

IMO it’s time to silence some people in this thread.


I’ll clean it up soon. Might be an idea to stop ALL non sprite posts.


Maybe what you could do is only allow registered sprite makers to post in the thread?
And then anybody who wants to become a registered sprite maker could pm whoever.


Good suggestion but for this forum its too much effort and would stop a lot of newer people posting :confused: I’ll get the thread owners approval to make this a sprite only thread and see what he says


Cold Energy

Cold Energy



oh man…you are getting better and better…I LOVE IT!!!


This has to be your best,most detailed sprite yet and it’s simply amazing!
I also like its style and everything is set in place along with a good perspective.