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brightroar 3D version.
brightroar is good, except its stats


Thank you!
I use Inkscape for my works.
It’s a free program tool,too.


Oh my Gosh,that is great!
Did you directly make it 3D or did you make a 2D ‘‘casing’’ first,coloured and shaded it and then made it into a 3D model?


Thanks for telling! :smiley:


i’m directly made it with the help of brightroar sprite


I also got a question. Will you make any more 3D versions of items? :star_struck::star_struck:


for some time to come, I have no intention to do so.
It takes a lot of time (for me). At first I think it is easy, but it’s not.


But there is a chance you might create more, right?


yes, there is still a chance :grinning:
just wait for it


Destroyer Physical


The best (and possibly hardest) 3d model would definitely be the archimonde.
It is the coolest looking item in my opinion


Grave diggers are misplaced


Yay so excited :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Al paso que van los sprites, siento se viene otro update en camino XD!


my god t[orso


any tip
because i am begginer


looks awesome lol


This looks like a torso version of the sprite @Zarkares made. I quite like it!


Me encanto, solo que la parte superior de atrás, como que todavía no me convence


@well cab you translate your language in english because we dont know your language