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Where are da tentacles :stuck_out_tongue:

                              Physical Version




I love your sprites.


Arnold [REMIXED]



I want a drone like that :heart:


That’s so cool but theres alreapdy a weapon like that in the game that you can only get at legendary.


I don’t why that torso isn’t already in the game.


There is a weapon like it, but it’s so bloody shit.

I’d prefer this if it was stated better than the current one.


making the version of the supreme chief as I imagine it…in coming soon jejej


Flashed sprite, made by @MCG_567_YT.

Blue Whale


That is your best artwork so far IMHO. Keep up the good work. :+1:



Esperare ver como lo hace Maxoz


Ettin Reborn

I just tried to draw Ettin as I saw it in its mythical form.

I know the image quality is crap.

Maybe I’ll see if I can do better cough, cough, use programs later. . .


Dude,that’s great!
It looks so SM-like,I though that was an actual weapon to be implemented,not just a remix.





Inspired from @SeanChoi1870’s drawing,modified and made through vectors:


excellent work master, you are definitely the best … There is no doubt about that (designer OP)


by @L4K3


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Cool! Also, what program do you use for making sprites? I also want to make some sprites :3