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Um, what xD


Lightning Scope
26 AM
yes I decided to do a more computerized version again. Like this one better than the others, and also.
@Killin could probably make a WAY better version then this bullsh*t on the computer, and.
Might as well have a Lightning scope along with a Flaming scope just so we players at lower ranks who get both of these at the same time can cause CANCER TO APPEAR BETWEEN OUR MECHS SO WE DO AT MOST 800 - 600 DAMAGE ON THE FIRST FUDGING 20 - 4 RANKS.


It’s like the god mode version.


im just stating what i use on my restricted chromebook. google drawings is different for me.
last thing ill say about this


This thread is primarily for sprite posters.

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This thread is almost 2000 posts long. Keep it just to the sprites please.


We already have a Lightning Scope.


In Bmmdev ? ^^


oh. Well oof. Probably better than mine.



Awesome! Just one little tip:The front side perspective is a little wacky, try altering the angle of the back a little bit.
Still better than anything I can do.


Nope, it`s fine.


Ghost Electric [FIXED] [Updated]


Diego,this is just great.
This weapon looks extremely gorgeous (or is it a drone).
I see your perspective also improved a little.
Also,I love the details (especially the cut-out/segmented body).
Great job!


Side Weapon L3k4 lol, this eat energy


i did use god mode parts.




Looks interesting. A lot of legacy parts. I barely remember their names :confused:


Stock: Energy Death punch (or Bunker Shell ^^)
Barrel: Energy penetrator
Top of the cannon/visor: Electricon/Electrocop, I always forget which one is the the top weapon and which one is the drone ^^


It is the torso of the supreme chief :v


Looks like it’s meant to kill enemies with it’s cuteness lmao