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Enjoy your time off!

Also for the record I am putting a bet on the devs doing something for Easter tommorrow/next week


I’m betting you 5 hours of mining worth of tokens :slight_smile:


I’ll be back for sprites in a couple of weeks!!!


unnamed drone

this is the best I can do,I don’t have adobe animate or anything,just paint.I hope someone can do a remake of this so that it will look better.It will shoot bullets similar to desert fury’s.

my parents won’t let me spend money

Supermechs Fanart - Weapons Remixes

I assume it could be something like that…

no idea


I know now I posted this 4 days ago.


spy mode

remake my old sprite…october 2017 jeje


Nighteagle remixed
nighteagle remixed


my version of the legacy mythical flame thrower. my remixes will be off sometimes. but will still look good. let me know if you like.


Hey guys. I’ve been an SM player back in the day when there was a World Map and before you had SSundee, and I gotta say, your designs are stunning! May I ask how you do this?

Signing off,


We officially have to use Adobe Animate but most people use whatever they have to create these.
All creative thinking for whatever else you need


Thank you @Winz_Kay! No doubt I’ll soon be posting here avidly :wink:


Wait,what do you mean by “officially”?
That means that only the sprites made in Animate could be implemented?
If that’s the case,I guess I’m just a happy Inkscaper.

Happy because I can at least make something :slight_smile:


@L4K3, I don’t think you have to specifically use Adobe Animator, the creators and frilly posters just prefer to use it :wink:
Remember, it’s your imagination that’s important!

Stay creative,
Exitron, signing off


i have a chromebook. restricted by school… ( :cry: ) but i do have some tools. i use sketchpad 3.5, file manager, and built in photo viewer which crops and stuff.


i will make a YouTube video on how i make my remixes. :wink:


exactly. i have poor editing tools. if you check my reply to Winz_Kay, you will see what i use.


Same here.
I use google drawings if I want to do it on the chromebook.
This is getting off topic, so this stops here.




lol that’s nice I guess but why does it have a cigar