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Seria interesante poder cambiar, la forma en que se ve el juego con mobs


I’m glad!


Was wondering if you could do mine (if you want)
Would instantly become my phone backround XD




te da nostalgia cuando recuerdas los drones de misiles Q.Q!


hi cops
all of you are so amazing and the sprites are also great salute to all!!! by India


Woul’ve been great to have an in-game filter that u can turn on/off in settings


everyone trying to recreate you in real life… lol


Oh my God!
Viking sector eye Voids…
That’s amaaazing,loving them!


Unnamed Regeneration Drone



Maybe it is windigo mark 2


@FiringBot wow the fusion mythical skull drone is awesome!!! I think it will be named (the great terror) and it can be tier to t3 (epic) to t6 (alien) alien is an idea of @killin and its power will be acid because it is green in colour :smiley: :sweat_smile:


This forum thread is for artists to post their own creations.

You are free to like these posts to show your support. Please avoid 2 word posts to say well done, although nice these quickly fill the thread and hide the good sprites we want to see.

If you have something more to say about the design or have some constructive criticism you need to be careful. You are welcome to post but you shouldn’t be negative in how you do so. Its art, its up to the artist how it looks, not you. It may not be to your taste, that’s fine, just ignore it and move on.

If someone has already posted similar to what you want to say then like their post and don’t post again. You don’t need to tell me I did something wrong 5 times. Its demoralising and not necessary.

Everyone is welcome to post their SM art here.

If you wish to discuss the sprites in detail then please feel free to in the discord server (Link in 1st post)


solo se que no se nada…!!!


the wallpaper no is mi idea jejej . floor assembly


One of the mechs should have the meteor sword cause of the backround lol.
Looks awesome, btw


I just had a huge burst of creative energy so here’s an idea I’m going to try and experiment with… using Blender to create a model in 3D to print screen in 2D to then trace over in Flash.

This will most likely only work with a few designs so as tradition I will be choosing a design that I am most familiar with and is the most refined so far - The Bulkhead.


  • Having a 3D model as supposed to just having a 2D sprite as your final product means that you can use it in more projects.
  • Conversion between 3D to 2D seems to be easier scaling down. (Don’t quote me on this)
  • I will be able to mentally visualise what ideas I want to put into my designs better in 3D.
  • If this is successful and I start to bleed into 3D modeling and continue to build upon myself in that field I will be able to open more doors in and out of SM related projects.


  • The amount of time and effort required to do this can be compared to trying to lift a neutron star.
  • The amount of experience required to make the final product of sufficient quality is also immense. However I have seen time and time again that just simple improvisation has lead me to create some really good designs in the past.

So yeah wish me luck.


Good luck friend :slight_smile:


blender is a great program!!! good job


me used this program is very very hard but equal no is imposible …