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Raizer [WEAPON] @Sarah247





I wish I could give a post multiple likes


flies with gravitational energy (Gravitational Potential Energy) does not need wings.


nel yo quiero tenga alas Q.Q!


ya no es un drone well xdxd es una arma


stick to your ideas, always trust your vision. everything is a learning process, keep going … congratulations.


pensé era un drone, ahora es arma XD!


Wrong perspective on the front Diego :slightly_smiling_face:


Master correct me if I’m wrong

the perspective is broken by adding the third cannon down below loses the line and is unbalanced what makes it look out of perspective maybe the higher details should go on increasing equal 1, 2, 3 according to the number of cannons added


No offense, but your sprite is really off with its perspective.


Yup, to me those 3 cannons should be of equal lenght: that means those 3 circles should be one next to the other in a triangle shape, taking perspective into account. Also those 3 ‘teeth’ on the front are misplaced imo, the central one should be placed in between of the two barrels, aligned with the single barrel on the bottom, with a tooth on the right and the other tooth on the left. Instead all those teeth are placed on the left respect the barrels. I don’t see why it should be asymmetric in that way.


Xdiego no problem u sptite is fantastic…


This would look crazy good on a mech!
Amazing job,master.


ook xdxd thanks :smiley: :smiley:


Mapping is certainly different to this and a lot more involved so more power to you, I hope you succeed.

I’m going to be honest here and say that the current administration does not fill me up with confidence nor does the game itself in it’s current state so I wouldn’t get too concerned about having your sprites featured in the game. It’s a good solid milestone and one that should be celebrated but it’s one of those things that more or less happens due to factors out of your control over the ones that are.

I will leave you with this; this is not a competition, the purpose of this thread is to just showcase SuperMechs styled fan-art and in my opinion you should be getting gratification from the existance of your finished product, the very things that you have put in your time and effort to make, not specifically by how many likes they produce. Sure, it can be a good indicator that you’re doing something right however it shouldn’t become the main purpose.


Bee Swarm (boss)

He got a two weapons called “HoneyComb”. It weaker than Mercy but it`s steal HP and gives your HP to the bee.



Executioner Zarkares - Recolour and fixes -

@Transcendant,here you go.
I hope I made it properly.


oh my…
Oh my…
It`s amazing! Love that Zarkares (physical version).
Also, I really liked those fixes… I think it is masterpiece… Just nice.

I just imagine how does will be it look in SM…


First of all,thank you so much.
I’m so proud to hear that you like it!

Second of all,

Btw,that’s an old screenshot.
It only serves as an ilustration/example and nothing more.


I LOVE IT! looks amazing matching!