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energy one


that was fast … 3 minutes apart


I just change a color…


52 PM
this one?


exactly !!! …




this is Gimp 2,8…the new is flash cs6 remastered jejeje


Good work reminded me of:

$_1images (3)


Alienssssss bro!



What does that have to do with SuperMechs?


that is my sprite
vectorised for me


Executioner Zarkares


amazing art mech brothr


Thank you,kind brother.


I wonder, are you able to paint the red portion the same color as the rest? not a legit thing in game but I like when everything matches ya know

Oh and what’s that side wep above NF?

concludes my OT




But I just wanted to make it legit,Zarkares is a heat torso.
I’ll re-make it tonight.

It’s one of my other sprites,Justifier.


nightmare mechs


I liked the torso aliens, but it needs to be more scary and more aggressive with details a bit more intimidating, I know that it is difficult to do it robotically but maybe some details that give it more personality (scary)

maybe the same but with long triangular teeth something is more frightening (the one you made seems to move the baby teeth)

I have some ideas (the designer that I want I can share my visions and ideas about new mechs) another new style of mechs (I do not have the time to do it especially the part of the details)


follow the thread, you must learn to read a friendly forum, follow the thread so you understand …