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You should leave the sprite as it’s current size, resizing will decrease the quality and it will look like a crappy anime. Only resize when you have to, but 95% of all my current sprites didn’t need to resize. Same thing as rotating, don’t do it too much.


Do it in Adobe Illustrator with vector and just save in .svg ok?





no me gusta no me gusta no me gusta


#This is Grace

Physical Top Weapon

[details=Click Here For MY stats idea]46 Kg
342 - 442 Pys dmg
12 Pys resist drain
7 - 9 Range

2 Uses
48 Heat cost

The main objective of this weapon is to get rid of corner campers. (Electric mechs of couse)[/details]

[details=Click Here For Color Masks]
Masking is never an easy job damn’[/details]

My imgur with all my SuperMechs artworks:


@KilliN What program do you use to make works of art like Xzyckcon?


All my artworks are 100% made in Gimp 2.8

08/01/2018 - Edit: Now they are made with Adobe Flash CS6 Professional


Bloody beautiful sprites as usual. :slight_smile:


This actually means a lot for me! :slight_smile:


Pretty BIG


Jesus… I think this might be your current magnum opus right here.


Same thought, and took me five hours to make.

Btw i’ll will edit Repair Node Mark I later to remove the white “Light”, i made that white blur because i was lazy to fix the borders. (Lol)


It is gorgeous by itself,but it wouldn’t look good on a mech…Mostly because is has way too many details,compared to most of the weapons/torsos,that have a simple yet sturdy look


Try to make less details and bigger,then it would make a real SM masterpiece


The Lamborghini of SuperMechs top weapons.


I do not make sprites to be real in-game weapons. Most of times i make surreal items, that’s just my style of creating.

And that’s not really a problem… Just take a look on mythical zarkares. :slight_smile:


Do you have the vector for this weapon?
We would love to use it for one of the bosses?


This one too.
Torso and Legs. Would need it separatly.


The devs love this one but the eye would need to be more obvious.