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I occupy chrome to play Sm xD


Vexillologist III - 25th December - FIAV

So this seems to be the official flag design for vexillology as a whole. It has been adopted by the FIAV which stands for ‘Fédération internationale des Associations Vexillologiques’.

Merry Christmas everyone!

That’s it! I’m done for 2017.


Let’s get a head start on 2018 then! :slight_smile:




It could be legend myth version of typhoon :slight_smile:



sorry, the joke just had to be made :joy:


Yea I think me and @KilliN were the only ones so far to make masks for colouring however it’s only really a problem if you can’t use Flash.


@Zarkares might i help you with some stats? -.-
Type: Physical/Top
Transform range: ( epic )-Legendary-Mythical
range 5-8
weight: 44kg
uses: always 2
Physical damage: ( at lv 1 legendary ) exactly 285
( at maxed mythical ) exactly 470
Resistance drain: ( at legendary ) -8 phys resistance
( at mythical ) - 16 phys resistance
energy consume: ( at legendary ) -12 energy ( at mythical -22 energy )
heat generate: ( at legendary ) +30 heat ( at mythical ) +55 heat
hidden stats: ( at legendary ) it decreases YOUR cooling and energy regen by 5 everytime you use ( at mythical -12 regen/cooling everytime you use it )
fun fact: That’s the reason why big boy “have/had” low cooling/regen -.-
obtainable from the last level in overlords den ( big boy ) 2.5% drop rate on hard and 6% drop rate on insane
sprite idea: The one you made is in my is the mythical version of it. The legendary one has in my opinion only 2 pipe thingies
btw i like your sprites :slight_smile:


Terrible idea.


But hey! You have a chance to obtain them from big boy! It’s also not supossed for newbies because their cooling/regen will land on 1 ._. Ya know, i have some friend who play sm. They had terrible energy/cooling for a mech with an epic torso because they’re using hp modules and too many weapons.


As you probably already know, BB has become nerfed to the point that it might as well manifest into it’s own bike cuck meme and the loot boxes are notoriously stingy with only commons and rares being the majority of items that you can obtain from them; epics are actually “rare” now and legendaries and mythicals basically don’t exist.

So with this in mind I would have to agree with Splatter and also say this would be a terrible idea. Any item that starts at legendary is there as an item you will never get, probably even if you do spend lots of real life money on premium packs so ultimately there is no point.


ba dum tss


Congratz @Zarkares On making an item and having it on the Supermech Games. It only took hundreds of sprites and sadly I can’t make a video on MAXING it because I used winidgo :v


hello, I have a question as the sprite you design will be implemented in the game, could you please tell me the specifications I wanted to see if you believe sprites, but I would like to know the specifications to not do anything and endo do not accept it.
I am not a professional like you, rather I am an amateur, I hope not to bother you


I have still to update it yet.


thank you for telling me the creation process, apart from that you could tell me the format of the sprite, png, width and height for the sprite of a side weapon, you can be any or there is a size limit


Although worked on in XCF the files within the game are meant to be vector images. (XCF is very similar to PNG)


If you ever wanted to propose a weapon for the game, should it be in the xcf format?


It’s basically png but it saves layers as well, though it is a GIMP specific file format.


No, it should be in fla.