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Good one! Looks like a heat chimera


Steel Armblade

Made with Inkscape.Of course it isn’t the best sprite around.


The Wrath Of Bones

And yeah,it’s supposed to be this pale…It’s a wrath of bones!


It’s a good concept though, not sure how you would animate it.


Me neither :slight_smile:
Well,for my first successful sprite,I think it turned out pretty good.
Especially when being a beginner working with vectors and gradients.


This one would be cool if that blade at the front moved forwards when you attack


wolverine arm xdxdddxd


I thought about it.
That’s why I chose to incorporate a segmented blade instead of a full,straight one.
The segments could actually be pistons pushing/retracting the blades :)))


I should have either used gradient on the entire body or no gradient at all…
It looks kinda stupid now that I look at it again,from another perspective.
I’ll try harder next time.


Is that your first sprite??


Yep,pretty much :slight_smile:
The first successful one.I had an attempt that failed,but Elcent picked it up and finished it.


That’s algood bro :+1: Nice mashups




Wanted to make a 2 pull type of weapon :smile:

Used parts of other sprites*

Completely rushed.


Fishing rod


02 PM


That’s actually a good idea for a sprite. You should make one


I don’t know how to sprite…


Oh fair enough.
You seem to edit fast like how you added the fishing hook to my sprite


My best is hand drawing