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you are becoming a great designer


This looks like something worth implementing.
The art is simply gorgeous.You got so good,man,I can’t believe my eyes…
Keep up the good work!


Quite a solid remix there, however you forgot to adjust the gradients and other fills when you copied and vertically flipped the top part. Also some broken detail lines.



epic and legendary version!


are those like from the previous times?


the firt yes the second no


well the second must be an upgrade, correct? whatever…


mmm no …is the item in legendary


“Nerf” Gun.
Really, it throw heat circles or what?


Red laser like CL if i am not mistaken


when the opponent absolutely destroys you

this drone reminds me of googly eyes


Worst design ever you can watch it criticize it because I don’t care because it looks like a jet engine in my own opinion. In other words it looks stupid.
17 AM


today without art :c


Hey what up xDiego?..:confused:


it looks like a ritual…


This is a remix of an old sprite


it reminds me of metal booster + Interceptor in a way (mostly metal booster tho).


Yeah the whole structure was mainly Electron Defense / Metal booster


Winz Kay’s



Kaylorian (Epic)


Kaylorian (Legendary)


Kaylorian (Mythical)

Test with the new Grave Diggers:
Test 2

@seanchoi1870 may have chipped in with ideas


magmascope and magnetum

piromagnum and magnetum is good name?